Far-away-lookI would love you to be able to feel like you have a business that WORKS FOR YOU.
Rather than you working for it.
Wouldn’t it be nice to feel productive rather than busy all the time?

The reason I do this is… I GET IT!
I’ve been there myself. (And sometimes, I’m still there now. We all need to feel productive and be held accountable, right?!)

I know what it is like to be an entrepreneur feeling stuck and alone in your business. I understand that you want to feel like you’re supported and motivated to do what you are INCREDIBLE at. And I have an inkling you’re ready to receive help and guidance with what you can’t or won’t do, because you’ve just had enough of busy, busy, busy.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a thousand ideas, thoughts and plans… Dreams, goals, purposes… Are they always going around and around in your head? But you’re stuck with how to implement, engage or move them out of your head and into your reality?

I’d like to help you envision the business that you want to achieve… To show you the goals that are in your head And to support you in building your dream business, one that sustains you, so that you can give to others in the way that you would like. Whether that’s your clients, your family or yourself.

I amp up your strengths and banish those pesky weaknesses. When we work together, we uncover what you can’t or won’t do, then find the most fantabulous resources to get that stuff DONE, so there are no more barriers in front of you and your business dream.

Success is the ONLY option

daisy-in-frameWhen my clients work with me, they say they are able to SEE where they are going. They are given back boundless enthusiasm for their business (my specialty!) AND most aspects of their lives change because they are productive, can see growth, and are achieving what THEY want to achieve.

Together, we are guided to finding what you REALLY REALLY want (Insert Spice Girls here!) And we won’t stop until we get there. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, main butt-kicker and gentlest suggestion-giver – ALL with the aim of looking after you and your intentions!

By helping you with your concerns… We BOOST your confidence.  By facing your fears, we BUST THROUGH procrastination – you are a super hero!! Let’s free you from your anxieties, and take away your troubles and worries!


Dream up your best life... Then LIVE IT! ``Let me count the ways...” So said Shakespeare. Here are the 4 ways that you can work with me!

“But, Trudy... I caaaaan’t!”

So let’s say that you get to here and you think, “I’ll look at this later”, “I can’t afford this at the moment”, “I’ll get my friend to help me”…

Imagine what you could feel like in the future… if you start today.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Unknown

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein 

“Taking action feels less daunting once you start” – Trudy Simmons.

These are some pretty freakin’ wise people! 😉

Don’t stay where you are… Unless you are happy there.

Get some clarity about your direction and purpose… Unless you don’t want to.

Become the best version of yourself because you want to FEEL successful… Unless you want to continue as you are.


Sages and shamen come in many forms but who knew mine would come in the wonderful form of Trudy Simmons and that the modern day business sage would be in heels and have a deep and abiding love of champagne? Apart from being a wonderful and caring lady, she is GUN at what she does. And she does it all. Accountability partner and business coach? Oh yes, she will have you upping your game and honouring your genius zone by stripping away all the tasks that dull your awesome and sap your life force. Instigator and enforcer? Hell yes, but in the nicest and firmest possible way. You won’t believe the transformation that can take place in your business when your trust Trudy to set up systems, advise on formalising structures and allowing people into your much loved business to help, really help you. I went from being my own sweatshop operator, paddling against overwhelm to a calmer and happier CEO of my own business Diva Works. Heartfelt thanks Trudy!

Fiona Jefferies, Diva Works

Let's Recap

First we’ll talk. You’ll talk and I’ll listen, carefully and with empathy and a big notebook. 

I’ll take note of everything you say (and everything you don’t) and will ask as many questions as I need in order to get an accurate view of your current and future business situations.

Together, we’ll figure out all the issues. AND all the excuses, avoidance techniques and other blockages that have prevented success in the past. Then we’ll start talking about what’s possible and how to get you back on track towards putting your passions into reality.

Whether you choose a Brain Download, Group Coaching, or 1-1 Accountability, each option carries the same intention – to help you feel renewed enthusiasm for your business and a clear roadmap to help you move forward… with baby steps!

Procrastination to Productive

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