When I hired Trudy I knew exactly ‘what’ I needed to do in my business, just not ‘how’ that would actually get done.

From holding me accountable week after week, to opening her secret black book of connections to me every time I need a new skill or task done for my business – Trudy has become an invaluable part of my team and my key weapon in staying out of overwhelm.

She has a knack of quickly getting to the real core of any business issue I present, often resolving it right there on the call and refocusing me on my goals and objectives.

I grew my business 10-fold in the first year I worked with Trudy and can honestly say that would not have happened with out her high-level support.

Amanda Daley, Amanda J Daley

Trudy is my secret weapon. She has an incredible talent for understanding project and time management whilst always keeping an eye out for continuous improvement. Her ability to get to the core of overwhelm, simply and easily unpack it and send it back in manageable action plans is brilliant. She has an amazing tact and care and 100% has my business’ best interests at heart. Although i am her client, her organization and attention to detail make her an essential member of my team.

Part of being a secret weapon miss Trudy is staying secret… Now you want me to share you with the whole world?!?! hmmm I suppose I will just have to let you go out and revolutionize small business for women and make their lives infinitely easier one bubbly phone call & action plan at a time

Tammy Guest, Inspirational Health

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Trudy.

When we connected I was at an awkward in business stage of knowing I needed a different sort of help. Client work was going well, but I needed someone to push me and hold me accountable and sort out the huge jumble of plans and ideas in my busy entrepreneurial brain. AND to make sure things weren’t falling through the cracks! (which they had just started to do).
I had a team for specific tasks /roles, but I needed help with the business as a whole. So I explored the concept of an online business manager. Then, I put it on hold because the cash commitment I was seeing around wasn’t in the budget at my awkward growing phase (like over a grand a month straight off the bat).

Enter Trudy: She called me as a resource for one of her other clients and mentioned how she could help. We had what she called a brain dump and within an hour or two I had a plan and a whole bunch of organised step by step to do’s. It felt AMAZING! So easy and achievable and empowering! Having everything out of my head and in a system that my team could communicate through with definite deadline, systems and processes. Heaven. And all grown up.

Within 2 or 3 weeks we had launched an online course that had been in the making for over 2 YEARS! And now the next one is due out within 6 weeks of the first.

Trudy makes you Get. Stuff. Done.

She pulls you up on your excuses and avoidance techniques and lovingly but firmly gets you back on track. One of my favourite questions she asks most weeks is “So, what are you putting off / ignoring?” There is no hiding from her, in a good way! She is part cheerleader, part drill master and part office manager. And she loves creating systems and processes (which is NOT my strong suit). She constantly reminds you of your big picture and then works backward to get you there in bite sized pieces so you don’t melt down.

Thanks Trudy!

Marama Carmichael, esensewebdesign.com

Sages and shamen come in many forms but who knew mine would come in the wonderful form of Trudy Simmons and that the modern day business sage would be in heels and have a deep and abiding love of champagne? Apart from being a wonderful and caring lady, she is GUN at what she does. And she does it all. Accountability partner and business coach? Oh yes, she will have you upping your game and honouring your genius zone by stripping away all the tasks that dull your awesome and sap your life force. Instigator and enforcer? Hell yes, but in the nicest and firmest possible way. You won’t believe the transformation that can take place in your business when your trust Trudy to set up systems, advise on formalising structures and allowing people into your much loved business to help, really help you. I went from being my own sweatshop operator, paddling against overwhelm to a calmer and happier CEO of my own business Diva Works. Heartfelt thanks Trudy!

Fiona Jefferies, Diva Works

You’ve been my missing link Trudy. Thanks so much for giving me the gentle nudge and guidance I’ve needed to do what lights me up. For helping me to shine in new ways! You are ridiculously good at what you do. Working with you has given me the clarity and direction I needed to take my business in the right direction and in doing so, I’ve benefited personally. You’ve had PROFOUND effects on my life. I’m so verrrrry grateful!

Kristy Goodwin, Every Chance to Learn

When I came to work with Trudy, my brain was bursting under the weight of a bazillion half-baked projects, ideas and lists. I was in the midst of a big business transition and was becoming increasingly frustrated at my lack of progress in any direction. How was it that I could feel so motivated, so excited, so … hungry, and yet not be doing anything? Enter Trudy and her genius Brain Download. This little awesome bomb was exactly what I needed to create some much needed mental white space. Trudy hears the things you don’t say, calls you out on the unhelpful (and unkind) stories you’re telling yourself, and gives you permission to let go of the things that aren’t setting you ablaze – so you can surge ahead with the things that do (and she gives you an action plan to do just that). Brain downloaded? Check. Mind clear? Check. Heart overflowing? Oh my lordy yes. If you know you need to get out of your head, then let Trudy in to weave her magic. You won’t regret it.

Kacey Crawford, Kacey Crawford