Realign, Recharge, and Reinvigorate YOU and YOUR Business!

Let’s Bring the BUSINESS Mojo BACK!

When was the last time you put time into refuelling you and your business? You’re constantly on the push to do more in your business:

  • Increase Sales;
  • Find Clients;
  • Get them great results;
  • Set up systems;
  • Implement the latest marketing strategy.

But you don’t need to (or want to) do it alone. It’s time to reconnect. Connect with like-minded trailblazers and entrepreneurs – meet all those wonderful women out there pioneering this new freedom-based lifestyle – all while developing your entrepreneurial skills and up-levelling your business.

At the moment, you might be sitting behind your computer wondering how to get to the next level in business.

The thing is, we as human-beans (as Kylie Patchett calls us), aren’t meant to be alone. We aren’t meant to work all of this “stuff” out by ourselves.  We need to get outside, be amongst people, learn from others, and feel a part of something!

Imagine what it would feel like to finally find “your people”.  To know things could be different.  To be given the right tools for your business and the confidence to implement them, all while feeling supported.

This event is designed for you if:

  • You’re feeling a little isolated and want a highly actionable, fun event where you can build support networks that will live on well beyond the event iself;
  • You want to up-level your business skills and learn from leading female entrepreneurial powerhouses;
  • You love your business but know it’s time to step out from behind your computer and reconnect with REAL people on a meaningful level;
  • You’re ready to find a place where you fit in and you can have fun – be celebrated for being you.

And while there are loads of fun activities you’ll also leave The Spectacular, with:

  • Big actionable baby steps to implement in your business;
  • A feeling of fun, energy and inspiration to fuel your business all year;
  • Strong friendships with women who will keep you on track to staying TRUE to you.

Unlike any other ‘event’ or business development retreat, “The Spectacular” is designed to give you 2.5 days packed with Actionable information, fun, learning, community and lasting connections.

This is where YOU belong.

When you take that leap towards the next level in business with lifelong community support, you’ll build a business with solid foundations and endless possibilities.

Yes, I’m ready to realign, recharge and reinvigorate my business

If you are seeking to reinvigorate you AND your business – with high level action, practical knowledge, heart-centred inspiration, fresh mountain air and lifelong bonds all enveloped in fun – then The Spectacular – A Business Symposium is YOUR event.

Once you’ve leapt into spectacular, you can’t go back to ordinary!

Make no mistake, this event is like NO OTHER event that you have attended!

If you feel alone and want to have more energy and passion for your business so you can be a better version of you with friends, family and clients, come along to The Spectacular and leave with the tools to UP-LEVEL you and your business.

Now All The Fun Details…


Sunday 21st to
Tuesday 23rd February 2016


The Fairmont Resort

Leura in the Blue Mountains (1 ½ hours west of Sydney)
Check out your accommodation here

What will happen over the 2.5 days?

We will be covering really relevant and actionable topics for your business; these will include:

  • Mindset hacking
  • Systems and procedures
  • Finding your Strengths
  • Online marketing strategy
  • Ways to be mindful
  • Presenting and speaking skills (for conferences, webinars, videos etc)
  • How to incorporate F.U.N. into your life and business
  • Launching strategy
  • Using your superpower of Kindness in your business

Sunday 21st February 2016 - 2pm - 5.30pm

By the end of our first day together, you will have made some AWESOME new connections that will see you through the life of your business.  Sunday is the day for networking, talking and listening to learn who you are going to be spending your time with so the following days are spent with friends!  You are already a part of a SPECTACULAR community.

Monday 22nd February 2016 - 9am - 5.30pm

Full day of amazing speakers, click on the speaker images to watch SPECTACULAR INTERVIEWS to find out what they are going to talk about!

Kylie Patchett

Mindset, Money and Self Care Coach

Nikki Smith

Strengths finder and enhancer!

Nicky Leonti

Online Marketing Strategist

Laura Huxley

Public Speaking and Creativity Coach

Tammy Guest

The Entrepreneurs Naturopath

Melissa Mukaiwa

Mastering Mindfulness

Orissa Feeney

Business and Launch Strategist

Melissa Histon

Encourages Social Change through kindness

View the speakers biographies here

Each speaker will provide a balance of inspiration, practical knowledge and motivation in these content-rich sessions designed especially for YOUR business – without any of the usual selling from stage! PLUS have the chance to mingle with the speakers and ask questions direct throughout the symposium.

If you are looking for an event that looks after the WHOLE of you and your business, THIS.IS.IT!

EVENING ENTERTAINMENT! Monday 22nd February 2016 - 7-10pm

After a day of learning and inspiration, what better way to kick up your heels than indulging in an evening of pure entertainment with good food, friends and laughter.

There are a couple of surprises up our sleeves!

Drinks and Food included.

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 - 9am - 3.30pm

By Tuesday, we start implementing all that knowledge and inspiration by first creating an actionable and achievable plan so you can leave with clarity and confidence on your path forward.

An early finish to allow you to travel home 🙂


Tickets are AVAILABLE NOW! AUD $1197 (incl Tax)

(accommodation is separate, a code will be sent to you to receive a HUGE discount)

troodHi lovelies. I’m Trudy Simmons and my philosophy in life is success through fun. I have been described as a cross between the Energiser Bunny and Tigger.

In my business, I have helped oodles of women entrepreneurs to take their BIG GOALs to REALITY, by being aware of the 360 Degrees of Productivity.

I’ve travelled all over the world attending and curating all the best business and personal development events. I’ve taken the best elements of these together with my own personal brand of fun to design an event like no other.

I want to warmly invite you with big open arms to our community of courageous business women – leading the way into the future of work and business to join us at this business symposium.

Thanks to our sponsor for the event:



Trudy is just a natural born people person – warm, funny and engaging. From the very first one of her events I attended (and I knew no-one!), Trudy put me at ease immediately. If you are hesitating on attending her latest event – because you don’t know anyone – don’t. You’ll leave with a lot more friends than you started, and, feeling like you’ve been part of something amazing!

Lisa Macqueen, Event Attendee

Hand on heart I cannot recommend Trudy highly enough, having been to many of the events which she has both hosted and organised. Trudy has a wonderful natural ability to make everyone around her feel special and included. She is genuinely interested in everybody she meets and cares about what you have to say, what they do and how they feel. She is smart, knows her trade and wants everyone to succeed. And if that was not enough she is also really funny and light-hearted, there is no way she is boring! Being a Kinesiologist I am constantly reading people’s energy and I can honestly say that Trudy is one of the most authentic people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Claire Tait, Event Attendee

One thing’s for certain, when you enter the room at an event Trudy has organised you immediately know you’re in the right place. Trudy is warm, genuine, fun, professional and you know she’s on top of what’s going on, everything having been organised beautifully, with a purpose.
Not only does Trudy’s organisation make you feel relaxed right away (and the company she attracts, it’s no wonder it’s such a fabulously sincere and supportive group of women) but you know that things have been set up for results. It’s about more than ‘just’ meeting other business owners, it’s about actually leaving having gained valuable and actionable insights.
Trudy doesn’t just put on events, she hosts events that people talk about.

Caroline Cain, Event Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m an introvert and this sounds amazing but won’t I be freaking out like attending any other conference?

A. Doing something new can always be scary but also fun. The great thing about bringing together so many online entrepreneurs from all corners of the internet is that they’ll be feeling just like you. My aim is to make you feel comfortable, welcome and part of the community.

Q. Do we have to stay at The Fairmont Resort?

A. Take a closer look here – this place is SPECTACULAR and has been chosen especially for us to come together. AND…. we have secured an amazing rate for you (from AUD $198 per night including breakfast!)!  But…. we are in Leura and there are other accommodation options available in the area.

Q. Do I need to attend the whole event?

A. We really want you to – the whole focus of this event is to cover the four quadrants of business and to do this you need to be with us for the two and a half days. It will be worth it!

Q. Are you looking for speakers?

A. Thanks lovelies but we’ve already cast our net wide to find our gorgeous speakers. But everyone can get something from this event so we would still encourage you to join the room full of women entrepreneurs so that we can make connections for the coming year.

Q. How big will this conference be? I get overwhelmed with large numbers of people.

A. We know how you feel, so we have capped the attendance, so that everyone has space, but also finds a great community for the future.

Q. Hmmmm….. time off work, that sounds like I might not make money on those days?

A. OH EMM GEE!  This “time off” is an investment in yourself and your future.  I have honestly found that the biggest growth in my business has come from meeting incredible people and investing in myself and my knowledge.  I KNOW that this investment is worth it.


Tickets are AVAILABLE NOW! AUD $1197 (incl Tax)

(accommodation is separate, a code will be sent to you to receive a HUGE discount)

Once you have BOOKED YOUR TICKET , we will send you the information to book your accommodation – and then… that is it!

Come on over and join the FACEBOOK GROUP to keep up to date with all news and meet the women that are coming along to the event!

REFUND POLICY (don’t worry…. You won’t need it!)

  • You have choosen to come along to this event, so there is a STRICTLY NO REFUND POLICY. But, if for any reason the event is cancelled, we will refund you the face value of the ticket.
  • We understand that “things happen”, so if you need to transfer your ticket to someone else, please notify us by email to of the new name for the ticket – this ticket can only be transferred up until the 31st January 2016. After this date, the ticket will be forfeited if you can not attend.
  • Should the speakers or line-up change, we will notify you as quickly as we can, but we do reserve the right to substitute the speakers for the event.
  • The ticket price includes all of the above frivolity and education! If you do not wish to participate in any of the events scheduled, that is up to you, the ticket price will not be reduced.