Kylie Patchett

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Kylie Patchett is a Mindset, Money and Self Care Coach, who combines her background in Neuro and forensic science with mindset, money, and health coaching expertise.

She helps women entrepreneurs break through overwhelm and their own mental BS to create what they crave in business – more cash, more clients, more freedom – without sacrificing their soul or their sanity or their health.

Kylie also works with women in business to create delicious lives outside of business by helping them score deep self love, embrace their worthiness and create lives that truly nourish them – body, mind and soul.

Kylie is the Mindset Mentor for the world-changing Conquer Club from Natalie MacNeil, and she has contributed to She Takes on the World, Lucky bitch, Violet Magazine, Business Review Weekly, Profile Magazine and Inspired Coach.

She’s the mum to two little ladies Abby and Clio (who are equal parts enthralled and embarrassed by her bad 80s dance moves) and is married to her volunteer fire-fighting husband, Shane who she met in a nightclub at age 21.


Trudy Simmons - The Daisy Chain Group

Trudy Simmons is an Accountability Coach with a truckload of empathy and a little bit of hard arse!

She loves to show her audience of entrepreneurial and business women the way to becoming more successful by taking action and following through. Trudy has 20 years of experience in helping people to get their shizzle DONE! She does this by finding and harnessing your strengths and removing your weaknesses.

She knows what keeps you up at night – the thousand ideas that are germinating in your brain – and she knows how to sort them into “no go”, “maybe later”, and “hells yes” and get done what is really important to your success.


Nikki Smith

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Nikki Smith loves catching waves, being a mum and has an obsession for making life as great as possible – not just for herself, but everyone around her.  She’s a Psychologist, career/business coach who helps others work to their passions, interests and strengths; tapping into more energy, mojo, positive influence and income.  Join her on her ‘dream life, best fit role’ journey at www.nikkismith.net.au


Laura Huxley

Laura Huxley is a Public Speaking and Creativity Coach as well as a trained stage and camera actress. Laura trained in Acting and Communications at York University in the UK.

Her experience as a trained stage and camera actress is what sparked the idea to create Speakers Little Secret, which was launched just over a year ago. The business has gone from strength to strength with clients winning global awards.

Laura teaches the craft of public speaking to creative business owners and entrepreneurs educating them about stage presence, body language, resonance and connecting with an audience when presenting or speaking. Once the solid foundations of a great speaker are there, Laura then teaches strategies to build your career as a professional speaker.

Her website is www.speakerslittlesecret.com you can find videos and cheat sheets that will help you with your speaking goals.


Melissa Histon

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Photographer, philanthropist, adventurer, blogger, avid permitter and social changer, Melissa Histon is a woman on a mission to make a real difference to the lives of women globally.

Melissa spent 10 years working in the corporate world before leaving to establish a successful photography business. After experiencing a number of life-altering events, Melissa created The Sista Code in May 2014 with a dream to see women empowered, happy and connected.

It started as an idea and birthed as a Facebook page, and in a short space of time, grew into an online community of 12,000 women from around the globe: a community of women that empowers other women.

The Sista Code shares thoughts, insights, stories and information, on diverse areas of concern to women. The Sista Code is about helping women to be kinder to themselves, kinder to other women and empowering women to making a difference in the world.

Whether it’s building a house for the homeless in Nepal, interviewing inspiring women from around the globe, or creating events and campaigns to support sistas escaping domestic violence, Melissa knows that true change can only happen when we all stand together and boost each other.


Orissa Feeney

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With a background of over 15 years in eBusiness, Orissa has established herself as the go-to expert for Launch Strategy.

She is behind the scenes on multiple 6 figure online launch campaigns for high profile female entrepreneurs – and also created amazing results for her up and coming clients with tiny list size launches.
Orissa’s rare mix of tactical, strategic and technical skills means she makes any email content launch easy and stress free with big results.

Nicole Leonti

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Nicky Leonti is the online marketing strategist that you need for your business to grow online with a real strategy and clarity. Nicky helps you take 10 steps back from your business to see the bigger picture on how to create flow in your online presence to welcome your ideal customers. With clear steps you can start to make it happen and see real results. Come and say hi at www.nickyleonti.com


Melissa Mukaiwa

Melissa Mukaiwa is the meditation coach for people who can’t stand meditation.
As a former skeptic and “think-too-much”, Melissa now works to help people clean out the mental-emotional debris/clutter that stops them from realizing their dreams.
Her goal is to rebrand self-work, mindfulness and meditation as creative innovation, stress-relief and productivity tools in a way that is simple, practical, self-reinforcing and guaranteed to up-level performance in absolutely everything you do.
It goes beyond traditional transformation or guided meditations and you don’t need any fancy tech.
It’s about teaching you to teach yourself, diving deep and loving every minute of it while you do.
Keen to learn more? Head on over to melissamukaiwa.com.
Tammy Guest

Tammy Guest

Naturopath | Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Tammy Guest is a degree-qualified naturopath with a medical science background.  Practicing for over 8 years, Tammy has helped thousands of clients take control of their health through a whole life approach, which has seen them be less stressed, have more energy and improved well-being.

With a focus on adrenal fatigue in entrepreneurs and business people Tammy loves creating opportunities for change on a cellular level through her Inspirational Health Clinic.

When she’s not bushwalking with her family, she’s learning to fly helicopters, writing her book or running retreats in Asia and Australia.