Number Four: 1-1 Purpose and Productivity Coaching

So you have done your Brain Download and you are thinking “But… But… But… Don’t leave me!”

Maybe you considered a group programme but deep down you know what you really need is direct, personal attention. Nothing but 1-1 is gonna cut it. You know only 1-1 coaching will PROPEL you forward at the pace you crave, making you shift out of your own way to success and the sense of accomplishment that you deserve.

Imagine KNOWING that each week you’ll have a call to hold you accountable, assess where you are with tasks. But more than that! Someone is going to listen, care, cheerlead and motivate your butt to what you and I both know you can really achieve, rather than what your ‘little inner voice’ tells you is your comfort zone!

Imagine feeling supported by someone that has only your success in mind. I push you to be GREAT. I encourage you to ROAR (you’re singing Katy Perry now, right?). I show you what you can’t see (your potential). And I hear what you can’t say (what you really really want). Deep, huh?! It freakin’ works!

Now think about what will happen if you don’t find out more. Guess what… NOTHING!

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Make the change and see the results… BOOM!

1-1 Purpose and Productivity Coaching includes:

  • 1 Brain Download to distill all of your thoughts and ideas into an actionable plan
  • 1 weekly call every week for 12 weeks to keep you on track to your potential and removes any bumps in the road!
  • Personal direct email support

I only take limited 1-1 clients so that I can put energy and time into you. I have 2 spaces available at the moment.  CONTACT ME AND SNAP ONE UP!

The first step is to book a discovery call to ensure we are a fit to work together.  Book here

“But, Trudy... I caaaaan’t!”

So let’s say that you get to here and you think, “I’ll look at this later”, “I can’t afford this at the moment”, “I’ll get my friend to help me”…

Imagine what you could feel like in the future… if you start today.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Unknown

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein 

“Taking action feels less daunting once you start” – Trudy Simmons.

These are some pretty freakin’ wise people! 😉

Don’t stay where you are… Unless you are happy there.

Get some clarity about your direction and purpose… Unless you don’t want to.

Become the best version of yourself because you want to FEEL successful… Unless you want to continue as you are.

Want to get started?  The first step is to book a discovery call with me to ensure we are a fit to work together.  Book here


Sages and shamen come in many forms but who knew mine would come in the wonderful form of Trudy Simmons and that the modern day business sage would be in heels and have a deep and abiding love of champagne? Apart from being a wonderful and caring lady, she is GUN at what she does. And she does it all. Accountability partner and business coach? Oh yes, she will have you upping your game and honouring your genius zone by stripping away all the tasks that dull your awesome and sap your life force. Instigator and enforcer? Hell yes, but in the nicest and firmest possible way. You won’t believe the transformation that can take place in your business when your trust Trudy to set up systems, advise on formalising structures and allowing people into your much loved business to help, really help you. I went from being my own sweatshop operator, paddling against overwhelm to a calmer and happier CEO of my own business Diva Works. Heartfelt thanks Trudy!

Fiona Jefferies, Diva Works