Are you stuck?  Overwhelmed?  Don’t know where to start?

Did you promise yourself this was going to be THE YEAR it all changed in business?

Wondering where 2014 has gone and feeling like you have not accomplished what you wanted?

Are you procrastinating where you should be taking ACTION? Is the laundry and “making” your to-do list becoming more important than ACHIEVING?

I know what it’s like to be an entrepreneur; feeling stuck and alone in your business.


  • Overwhelmed with ideas and plans
  • Unmotivated because you don’t have a clear direction
  • You can see the “big picture”, but don’t know how to get there
  • You know how to get there, but it all feels too hard because you don’t have support in the right places
  • stuck in your head!
  • Busy, busy, busy….. but not productive!

I know that you want to feel like you are moving forward and accomplishing your goals and dreams for your business AND your life!

I know that you want to be successful for yourself!

You want to get to the end of each day/week, and feel like you’re ACHIEVING and #WINNING rather than on the back-foot and “always letting yourself down”.

You want to feel like you have structure and order to your thoughts so that they are not tumbling around like a tornado. Can you imagine how good that would feel??!

I want to listen to you and help you to see your POTENTIAL!

LETS DO THIS! by ramping up your strengths and banishing those pesky weaknesses.

When we work together, we uncover what you can’t or won’t do. Then we find the most fantabulous resources to get that stuff DONE. There will be NO MORE BARRIERS between you and your business dream.

Get on the WAITLIST here!

That’s exactly why I have harnessed all my gentle, yet firm, whip-cracking accountability skills. Along with my super simplification prowess and my insane ability to get all that stuff out of your head and into some consistent and easy to implement plan to create……

(drum roll please)……

The Goal.Action.Follow-Through Intensive!

This is what it takes to move forward and build your EMPIRE (insert maniacal laugh here!). Also, when you shorten it, it is GAF – and in the UK, that means “my house” – which is where you will (metaphorically) be for your 8 weeks working with me.

And in New Zealand, it is a knife that guts big fish (so I am told!) – could there BE a better analogy?? Lets find your Big Fish (Goal), Gut it (Action) and clean up (Follow-Through) – COMMMEEE ONNNN (did I loose the vegetarian audience!! Sorry!).

Once we have mastered these 3 decisions, ANYTHING is achievable with support and belief!
G.A.F. is all about you, me and an exclusive group of dedicated women to surround you with optimism and gob-smacking growth spurts!

Get on the WAITLIST here!

Here’s what you get in the G.A.F. Intensive:

  • 1 x Brain Download (Value $550) – This will take everything out of your brain…. All the thoughts, ideas, plans and beliefs to see what you ACTUALLY want to achieve. This will set us up for success by getting rid of the “gumpf” in your head and creating an excellent space to CREATE.
  • 7 x 1-1 weekly phone calls with me personally (45 mins) – (Value $2000) – this will ensure continued, support, motivation and encouragement; procrastination will not get a look-in!
  • 7 weeks of support in the Facebook Group – (Value PRICELESS) – creating a sense of community and connection with all in the group – you are all wanting to achieve the same outcome – SUCCESS – that is WAY better to celebrate in a group!  AND…. this Group will continue AFTER the Intensive, so you have the support of your fellow GAF Intensive-ers (that is a word!!)
  • 2 x “Trudy’s Triage” personal crisis call. If you have an issue and can’t see the path forward, you can contact me directly and have a call back! (Value INVALUABLE, because we both know, if you get stuck you have to get unstuck before you can create real traction in your business, and you really can’t put a darn-tootin’ price on that, can you?!)

I have a Resource Superpower (and a cape…. I need a cape)….!

If we find out what you need to outsource, I will do my best to refer you to people to get that shiz done! I have access to great resources. I know people who know people who know people – so no matter what you want sorted, I know who to turn to for the next step to help you out.

So what’s your investment for the G.A.F. Intensive my Lovely?

For your brain download, weekly phone calls, kick-ass get shiz done community, Trudy’s triage emergency calls and my “hook-me-up” prowess (over $3600 of value – from above) is a teeny tiny investment of AUD $1925 (incl GST for Aussies) or 3 easy payments of $670 (incl GST for Aussies), to be paid over 6 weeks.

But don't just believe me - here's what my clients say about moi...


Domenique Johnson

I can’t thank Trudy Simmons enough for her guidance and wisdom last night on our call. After listening to me talk about where I am stuck in my business, she intuitively coached me to make real steps toward making a change TODAY! It was so helpful to have someone really listen to me and give her insights and also a very do-able action plan.
This woman is truly gifted and her positivity is infectious! Our call left me feeling energized!


Lauren Callaghan

Trudy has an amazing ability to hear and see through our mumble and gibberish. She allows you to download all of the stuff going on up stairs and give you steps and processes to put into place, making sense of it all! AND… then holds you accountable for it.. Amazing support and love!! It’s the best!


Marama Carmichael

Shout out for the splendorous Trudy Simmons. You know when you are at the almost breaking point? Like super busy and getting stuff done but still in overwhelm and not getting ALL your stuff done and then feeling stressed about it?
Anyway…. Trudy just smacked me (very lovingly) upside the head, heard what I WASN’T saying or admitting to myself. Then put things right into perspective, metaphorically pushed me out of my own way and reminded me to value my time, set me some boundaries AND get some more help!
It’s time. On the big clock. Look out world! Trudy you’re the best!

If you don’t know me already, here is what you need to know about me...


I’m an efficient and effective organiser of thoughts and tasks. A personal ideas sounding-board. A filter and sorter for all those ideas in your head. In a nutshell, a passionate Accountability Coach.

WARNING: I’m a cross between the Energiser Bunny and Tigger. And that kind of enthusiasm is infectious. Brace yourself!!

I don’t just have boundless energy to whip your business into shape. I care deeply about my clients and always have your best interests at heart. I am only successful if you’re successful. That’s the greatest feeling for our partnership and journey together.

I created this for you, so that in a short amount of time, you can SEE your potential. I want to be able to help you feel accomplished and bring a sense of connection and community to you. I want to facilitate your growth and give you enthusiasm, motivation and confidence in your business.

With us working together in this Intensive, there is no barrier to your success! Anything you can’t do, I can help with! If you’re a small business owner who’s confused, stuck in a rut, unsure what to do next, or spread too thin, I can help!

Hear from more happy clients


You’ve been my missing link Trudy. Thanks so much for giving me the gentle nudge and guidance I’ve needed to do what lights me up. For helping me to shine in new ways! You are ridiculously good at what you do. Working with you has given me the clarity and direction I needed to take my business in the right direction and in doing so, I’ve benefited personally. You’ve had PROFOUND effects on my life. I’m so verrrrry grateful!

Kristy Goodwin, Every Chance to Learn

When I came to work with Trudy, my brain was bursting under the weight of a bazillion half-baked projects, ideas and lists. I was in the midst of a big business transition and was becoming increasingly frustrated at my lack of progress in any direction. How was it that I could feel so motivated, so excited, so … hungry, and yet not be doing anything? Enter Trudy and her genius Brain Download. This little awesome bomb was exactly what I needed to create some much needed mental white space. Trudy hears the things you don’t say, calls you out on the unhelpful (and unkind) stories you’re telling yourself, and gives you permission to let go of the things that aren’t setting you ablaze – so you can surge ahead with the things that do (and she gives you an action plan to do just that). Brain downloaded? Check. Mind clear? Check. Heart overflowing? Oh my lordy yes. If you know you need to get out of your head, then let Trudy in to weave her magic. You won’t regret it.

Kacey Crawford, Kacey Crawford

Hey Lovely – in case you were wondering …

How much time will this take in my week?

Come on now people….. how much time is it taking you to feel like you are “on the back foot”? How much time are you spending procrastinating? Need I go on….. the time that you put into participating in this group and taking action on what you need to, it going to BENEFIT your future.

I really want to do the Intensive, but I don’t have the money right now?

I would never suggest that anyone puts themselves into financial hardship, or feels stretched – BUT – how about investing in yourself, and backing your abilities and KNOWING that you can succeed because you are surrounded by a team that supports you in your success? I am happy to talk to you about how you can do this Intensive in the next round, so that it feels more comfortable to you.

Will I definitively get results?

I can guarantee you that whatever you set your mind too, you will achieve.

Who is this Intensive for?

  • It is for Action takers,
  • women that are ready to STEP FORWARD,
  • women who know that, with the right support and encouragement – anything is possible,
  • has a sense of humour (!),
  • wants to succeed but is stuck with “what they don’t know”.

Who is this Intensive NOT for?

  • Women who don’t think that I am funny…. (I am!!).
  • Whingers or whiners
  • Glass half-empty people
  • Women who don’t like Rick Astley – or bad 80’s dance moves – because I really am “Never gonna give you up”