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Are you still letting procrastination rule your business?

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procrastination cure

I see it so often.

A new client starts working with me and they tell me how busy they are.

They're running around like a blue-arsed fly helping other people, staying on top of what's going on on Facebook, checking email 20 times a day and trying to get to laundry basket-zero status.

I'll let you in on a little secret that I always share with them ...


But then they assure me that this stuff has to get done, and how no one else will do it if they don't.

Then I gently ask this question:

What is the one thing you need to do that will move your business forward today?

And you know what? The answer is NEVER any of the fore-said tasks they have been running around doing.

You see what is really going on is a whole lot of PROCRASTINATION.

Here's a kicker for you to think about...

If you can cure your chronic procrastination - you can do all the real work - and the pay-off for this is - YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!

So if you're ready to kick your chronic procrastination to the kerb, then I've got the cure ready for you.

There are 7 Steps. None of them are particularly difficult. It's not rocket science people, but it does need to be front and centre!

So grab your copy here [Procrastination Cure] Print it out and go through the steps.

Head over to our support group - here and let us know how you're getting on.


Scared of actually being seen out there?

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Are you Hiding??  Can we see you?  Can we hear you?


Oh Gawd…. This is one of my “specials”!!  

I have had my own business for over 4 years, and I only got a website in June of 2014 – WHY?  Because I was quite happy hiding and playing small.  I was quite happy that the people that found me (by word of mouth) were so happy to have found someone “that does what I do” – but it still didn’t click with me, that I needed to get out of my own way and open up to the possibility that others in the world needed me too.

NOW…. Are you doing the same thing?  

Have you got a website, but sit there wondering why clients aren’t finding you?  Are you worried about advertising because it all feels so icky, so you will just wait quietly, hoping it will happen eventually?  

If there is 1 thing that I have learned in the last year, it’s that this is my new favourite thing to help clients realise.   Because when they realise that they are hiding/playing small, they start to see the potential of what is possible for themselves.  It is like a light switches on and a flame is ignited.  It is like the world opens up and you are at the centre of it (in a good way!). You can suddenly see what you need to do…. THEN…. THEN… the fear and questions hit you…. Can I really do this?

Who is going to want this?

I feel like a fraud.

I don’t know how to move forward.

I am stuck.

I am overwhelmed……

BUT…. Now you know there is more out there; so you KNOW you are hiding; and you KNOW that you need to do something else; something different; change something – because:

“If nothing changes, then nothing changes”

What then? When I got to this point at the beginning of  2014, it STILL took me 6 months to get a website out into the big-wide-world.  It still took me 3 months to sort out HOW to help people in a way that made sense to me AND to my potential clients – as my good friend says “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…. But to me that was utterly frustrating, because I wanted it all to happen YESTERDAY, not tomorrow – and the only thing in the way – WAS ME.   I had to wake up each day and ask “do I want to hide today, or do I want to help people” – the answer was always to help people, but the wading-through-mud-feeling that I had to get through to know that I wasn’t hiding, was tortuous sometimes!  

Do you feel the same?

If you do, try this:

  1. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN (remember the old “Green Cross Code” – UK people!!).  Use a few minutes to really think about what you are wanting to create.  Sometimes being able to see yourself helping others is enough to move you forward with the baby steps.

  2. Say to yourself G.A.M.E. On – Goal, Action, Momentum, Energy – set the Goal, take the Action, gain the Momentum, feel the Energy – BOOM!

  3. Realise that if you keep doing what you are doing now, then you will stay where you are now… and if you want to move forward, then what do you need to do differently – DEEP HUH!!

I really hope that you are able to create 2015 with the VISION of PLAYING BIG and moving towards your goals!

If you would like a little support keeping that momentum moving forwards join the New Years Resolution Support Group