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You Got Potential …….

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Do you remember in “Pretty Woman” when Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) turns to her friend Kit De Luca and says “We think you got a lot of potential Kit De Luca”.  I love that phrase and the look on Kit’s face – FINALLY someone believed in her; finally someone could see that she had potential to do what she wanted to do…

Do you have people in your life that can SEE your potential and won’t let you settle for anything less?

Do you have FAITH in your own abilities and KNOW your potential?

I find it really hard to do this for myself.

I think that limiting beliefs and playing small is where most of us are happy to stay and when we are shown that there is something BIGGER in store for us – that is when fear and procrastination can kick in to keep us in our comfort zone!

We all have doubts and we all have “those days” that all we want is for someone to say to us “you got potential [insert your name here]!”.

I find with clients that in talking about their “potential” it can ignite certain responses – anger, fear, excitement, dread – then it can be the excuses that are interesting to stay where you are now…..

“I can’t do that…. What if I fail?” – but what if you don’t!….

“That will never work, I don’t know how to do it” – but what if it DID work……

“Someone else is already doing it, there isn’t room for me” – but what if you were JUST YOU and that helped someone…..

THEN in kicks procrastination – because if fear takes over, then procrastination will be around the corner to “protect you” and keep you where you are…Crikey – it is NEVER ENDING!

It is a gentle process to know in your heart that you are meant for bigger and better things – and to be able to take the action steps needed to REACH YOUR POTENTIAL.  Hopefully you are surrounding yourself with wonderful people who can see what you are meant for and help you on the journey to achieving that.

3 Things to help you...

Here are 3 things to consider when you KNOW that there is something else out there for you….:

  1. In “Field of Dreams” the tag line was “Build it and they will come”…. But what if you told people that it was coming…. You get a reaction from your audience and even SELL it …. THEN build it!  This would help to know how quickly to build it AND/OR if your audience is the right audience for the product or service that you are offering.
  2. If you are sitting at home wondering why it ISN’T happening for you…. Ask yourself what needs to change?  Who do you need?  What do you need? Some people (like me) need to have a team in place to move forward.  FIND YOUR TEAM….
  3. If you are stuck…. Write a list!  A list of what the product or service is; A list of who it is for;  A list of who you want to serve; A list of why you want to do it;  A list of WHAT YOUR POTENTIAL MEANS TO YOU!

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If after all that you are still not reaching your potential then perhaps it's time for some outside help.  I'm hosting a webinar on 25th November 2014 to help people just like you bust through the procrastination so that you can share your potential with the world, please click here and “Move from Being STUCK to being PRODUCTIVE!”

Here is your next step ......

If you need a mentor or a coach that can help you find, nourish and FLOURISH with your potential, call me for a chat to see if we can work together!  I don’t just find and believe in your potential, I find the resources that you need to make the potential a reality!

And if you would like some daily accountability and support from an incredible group of women - come over to our Facebook Group "The Daisy Chain Group - Accountability Zone" - it is FREE and fabulous!

I’m an Entrepreneur GET ME OUT OF HERE

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  • Whether you are battling marketing and sales
  • Tearing back the layers on your mission and your company values, or
  • Climbing up the mountains of “learnings” that you HAVE to go through as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner!!

Arrrrggggggg…. HELP ME!!

Why are we doing this to ourselves!!!!!

Well…. Sit back and ask yourself…. Then ask yourself again – what is the answer??

Is it that you want to:

  • be your own boss?
  • have your own hours?
  • control your “destiny” (as they say in the Bold and the Beautiful!! Don’t judge me!)
  • earn a big pile of money – and you want to earn it on your terms?
  • help people?
  • feel recoginsed and appreciated for your skills?
  • give back to your community?

The list is endless… and is varied!

There are definitely days when it still feels like I am hacking through my business and life with a machete through thorns!

I “fell” into having my own business.  I offered to help people who needed help to get all the ideas out of their heads and then make them a reality..... it turns out, there are a LOT of ideas that are "floating around" for years, mostly because the ideas don't have the space to get any direction, or structure on what they are.

The biggest lesson that I have learned in the last few years has been about PLANNING!

Planning, thinking and SEEING the future of what you are wanting to create is not as easy as it sounds.  It can be really challenging to be able to give yourself the time to PLAN, or to be able to work through ALL the things that are in your head to plan for – WHERE DO YOU START?

Well….. sit back, relax, get a cuppa tea (wine!), and brace yourself to START!


Think about what you would like your business and your life to look like in 3 years time.  Write it all down in a list.  Sounds a bit froo-froo – BUT…. DO IT!  And be honest with yourself.


Now…. If you want that to be your life in 3 years time, what would your life and business look like in 1 year to GET to your life in 3 years?  LIST IT!


So, if your life in 1 year looks like THAT, what do you need to get done in the next 30-90 days to work towards that reality in 1 year??

Work with me people…. This could be such a powerful exercise!

Ask yourself these questions to get you started:

  1. How do you want your lifestyle to look?
  2. How do you want to feel?
  3. What do you want to be known for?
  4. What reach do you want to have?
  5. How many are in your team?

Let me know in the comments below if you do this and what the outcome is for you?  Did you find the gaps that you need to fill?  Did you see where you need to concentrate NOW, to reach for your SUCCESS?


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Need help? Contact me for a Brain Download to get all the ideas out of your head and help to give you clarity and direction for your business!

What does GRIEF have to do with Accountability Coaching?

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Trudy and her sister

Well…. Nothing AND EVERYTHING!

On Christmas Eve 2013 my sister died, she was 33 yrs old and had lived her life with Cerebral Palsy.  Which in turn, meant that I had lived my life with a sister who had special needs and who I loved unconditionally – UN-COND-ITIONALLY.  She was my rock when I was feeling down and I made her laugh twice a week on Skype (thank goodness for technology!).

So…. My business….. well, it suffered.  I know that as Entrepreneurs and as women who have responsibilities and capabilities, it is incredibly important to feel…. IMPORTANT, needed, of value.

I know that when you are knocked-off-kilter, it feels overwhelming and head-spinney.  When something extra-ordinary happens, it can give your life meaning, and it can take part of your life’s meaning, away.

That is what happened to me.

Part of my life was devoted to my sister.  To talking to her, to listening to her, to knowing that she was ok.  AND to the commitment to seeing her twice a week.  It was a great routine and it was significant to her and to me.

So when your routine is removed or altered – WHO ARE YOU?

When part of the purpose of your life is removed or altered – WHAT DO YOU DO?

When you are known for “pushing” and “Getting Sh1t Done” – HOW DO YOU GO FORWARD?

It was freakin’ hard.  It has been a 10 month journey.
In some ways it has been epic and in some ways it has been debilitating.

I have had to rebuild myself and my life with a different routine.  And as I started rebuilding, I started working with the MOST AMAZING clients!  They seemed to come out of nowhere.  As they say,

“when the student is ready, the teacher arrives – and when the teacher is ready the student arrives.”

This went both ways for me.  I was the student that needed to listen to all the lessons that my clients were freely giving (it is always great reflection!), and I am the teacher of busting through procrastination and finding your goals, breaking them down and achieving them (with love and kindness!).

So, I have worked, on myself, on self-care, on rebuilding, on finding what is right for me.  It has been an amazing journey of REALISING what I wanted to do – but more importantly, what I was put here to do for others.  And with my sister gone, came the realisation that she was making space for me to offer more.  That may sound a bit cray-cray, but it gives me comfort.

So from the feedback from clients and the WANT to be able to help more people, I have created the

Goal.Action.Follow-Through 8 Week Intensive

which starts on the 20th October.

Click Me

Part of the reason for me doing this, is that through the grief and the pain of losing my sister, what I DID realise is that my talent and gift is connection, I am a facilitator that can work out what you can’t do or don’t want to do and take it away from you to find a resource that does want to do it.  I found this out by doing these things for myself..... I had to literally "coach" myself forward, out of total overwhelm and towards being able to come back to being around people, creating connection and getting back to helping people AS WELL AS helping myself.  I had to find the resources that could help me, in my business and in my life - to support, motivate and encourage me (and was told that this is what I had done for others through my business).  It was an incredibly humbling, exciting and life-affirming period.

The Lessons that I learned

Jody and Trudy

What my sister taught me is:

  1. Connection is the most important thing for any aspect of your life.  Family, Partners, Friends, Business Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances.
  2. Laughter is the best medicine – and we laughed all the time.  Laughter is also a great deflector and mask for what could be going on (poor Robin Williams, that knocked the wind out of my sails too!)
  3. Do what you can – she was so restricted in what she could do in her world, but what she could do, she did – I am incredibly proud of everything that she gave.

So if you live your life by those 3 principles – Connection – Laughter – Do what you can, and you need some help, encouragement, motivation, support to move out of your own way and achieve what you were put here to achieve, contact me to see if we can work together.

It is October!!

What if you ended 2014 with a grin on your face and the feeling that you had done everything that you could for this year??  Contact me if you would like a chat to see if I can help you.

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Don't leave it till next year - Take Action Now!