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Life should be a musical!!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful…. If our lives were like an episode of Glee or a full on musical!!  As we are all sat in our homes offices (dining room tables!!), breaking into song and making the soundtrack of our lives?

If this was the case, what songs would be on your daily soundtrack? 

Truly Scrumptious (but replace Truly with Trudy ;) ) from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

What songs do you need to hear to REV.YOU.UP to get things done? 

What is your POWER playlist?

Brave - Sarah Bareilles

ROAR - Katy Perry

Uptown Funk - Bruno Marz

What are the songs that make you dance with wild abandon?

Shake it off - Taylor Swift

Land of Make Believe – Bucks Fizz

Anything by WHAM!

What are the songs that you KNOW you should be asked to do for Karaoke??

You know the ones… the songs that really show your range and capability to capture your audience????

For me, anything from a musical – probably “Let it Go” or “Defying Gravity”!  I LOVE a BIG high note (dramatic much!!?).

This is all about BEING YOU and showing your personality in your brand….. I would not take a client that isn’t wiling to be a bit silly – to not take themselves too seriously, but also to take a look at themselves and listen to the messages that are there for what you want to do next!

I know that in my clients, it is sometimes hard to get to the CORE of WHO they are in their businesses.  Does that sound weird?  It is like we have in the past, created a character for who we are in our lives, then…. We become Entrepreneurs and have to BE JUST US – because that is enough, and that is the BEST way to be – your audience will respond to that and your business grows because you are the best version of yourself.

I know that in my daily “musical” I can tell what is happening in my business, my mind and my life, by listening to what I am singing in my head. I wake up singing in my head…. Sometimes I have to hear the whole song to get to the message – but I get there!

What is unique about you?  What is unique in the way that you approach business?  Have you got to the core of WHO you are in your business?  Do you know how to just BE YOU?


Did that little voice whisper something?

You're ready to step into who you really want to be?

GAME On! is an 8 week one-on-one Intensive with the sole purpose to LEVEL UP.

And by Level Up I mean start playing as YOU - the bigger better you.

... Want to get that book out?

... Want to start a movement?

... Make that other side gig your main act?

It's time to sing your real song and I'll give you everything you need to do that right now - it' all inside YOU but I'm going to help you set it free.

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My life just changed……..

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My life just changed…..

I have opened up

I have become available

My heart has opened and I can really see and understand who I am to my audience and who I am to me.

All sound a bit woo-woo and


Let me tell you – I thought the same.  This has been a gentle journey for me and I realise the importance of it now.  If I had tried to push this through and been a “bull-in-a-china-shop” (have you been called that before!!?) then I would have missed all the twists and turns along the way; I would have missed the intricacies of finally being able to say –


And, most importantly (for you!!), I would have missed the learnings in all that I have invited in to myself – and if I had RUSHED through everything, I would not be able to give so much to my clients…. And there is no better or more rewarding feeling for me, than watching the progression in the lives and businesses of my clients.

I have always been the one that RUSHED through everything – can you relate?  If there is a mountain to climb (literally….. I love climbing mountains/hills/small mounds!!), then I will look at the top and RUN to get there – but I would miss all the “Snow White” moments on the way – looking at the flowers and the birds and singing wholeheartedly whilst a little blue bird sits on my finger – just me??  COME ON!!!

And of course that is metaphorical…. (you did realise that, yes?), but what steps, pieces of information, guidance and nurturing are you missing on the way to your “DESTINY” (Bold and The Beautiful reference!!)?

I was doing an interview for someone else’s podcast recently (did you know that I have a podcast with the Sonya Lovell called “Collective Conversations”?) and they asked me:

“As an Accountability Coach, what is the 1 piece of advice that you would give people that want to take ACTION”…. Well, I am very strategic in my thinking and I have an analytical brain to be able to break down what is in peoples minds and create actionable plans – so this question is RIGHT DOWN MY ALLEY…. But I had a think about it and I said……


It wasn’t the answer that I thought that I was going to give!  SURELY, there is a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 action plan TO EVERYTHING… but honestly in that moment, especially when people are stuck in I MUST I MUST I MUST…. The best action step to take is to STOP and BREATHE…. Try it sometime…. I think that this breathing thing could catch on ;)

So let me know…. How are you doing in your journey?  Are you stuck in the I MUST I MUST I MUST?  Could you try this “BREATHING” thing for yourself??

If you would like to book in a Discovery Call with me to see if we can work together to help you move from"I MUST I MUST I MUST" to clarity, direction and a clear path to your full potential, click here.

I have had an EPIPHANY…..and it involves YOU!

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Get your Business GAME On Symposium

I have had an EPIPHANY.....and it involves YOU!

You know when you have an idea and it BURNS in you and it is all that you can think about and it CONSUMES your waking breath…. Ok – maybe that is a bit dramatic – but those that know me, know that I am actually containing myself here (tee hee!).

Well…. I have had an idea and it has grown, changed, morphed and the angles have softened – and that process has taken 2 years. 2 FREAKIN’ YEARS…. But now… I am ready to talk to you about it….

Stay with me here…. It is all part of the journey!

I have basically been travelling overseas for the past 2 years to find and attend conferences, seminars, workshops and retreats all over the world.  I have been going back and forth and back and forth on plane rides to meet wonderful people and engage in conversations that have been life changing and life affirming.  I am incredibly lucky and very grateful to have done this and to have created the connections that I have nurtured.  Then I noticed that a significant part of the audience that I was meeting were fellow Aussies travelling to go to the best conferences in the world – so it started me thinking…. What is in Australia?  What events are there for me in the Land Down Under?

[Here comes a back story…. Brace yourselves]

When I arrived in Melbourne 14 years ago, I didn’t know anyone (ahhhhhhh blesssss, I hear you saying!).  So I decided that I would create the life that I wanted to create, so I put signs up in the foyer of my apartment block to ask if anyone wanted to meet me for a walk at 7am on a Monday morning (crazy right??).  Well, from that I met some of the loveliest people who were also looking for the community that they wanted to be a part of, but didn’t know how to go about creating it.  So on the first Monday morning, I stood outside my apartment block and 7 women showed up to have a wander-n-a-natter.  That turned into a book club (I say book club, but it was really a bottle of wine and a natter – oh and look over there, there is a book!).

Communities are built and nurtured from the needs of the people that are in it.

So my NEED now, is to create a conference…. NAY…. A SYMPOSIUM (fancy word!!) in Australia (can I hear an “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Oi, Oi, Oi!”).  It is going to be held at the beginning of October 2015.

Already excited?  Sign up here!

I want to create a movement, a revolution…. Fine…. A community of engaged, incredible, inspiring women that want to/have a need to, give back to their communities in the way that they want to and have a KICK-ASS business that they are proud of and that lights them up and paves the way for their successful future.

I firmly believe that we all have it in us to BE successful, but sometimes “life” gets in the way of showing you the inspiration and the “if she can do it, I can to” clear path for us to follow.

What if, in 1.5 days, you could meet the people that will encourage and motivate you AND give you the action plan to follow and implement to help you be the BEST that you can be?

What if you walked away from our time together and knew that you were going to achieve all that you wanted to achieve?

Imagine that you came along to the event feeling slightly alone in this process of Entrepreneurship – and left feeling that you are part of a MUCH bigger community where we are all working towards the good of others and being of service!

Does that sound like you?

Does that sound good?

Do you feel inspired???

Sign up here to get on the list to here more about “Get your Business GAME On Symposium” I will be releasing more information as it progresses.

In the comments below, tell me what you would like to see included in this Symposium?  I would love to hear from you!

Giving yourself permission

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Sekretärin mach Pause “Please please…. Give me Permission to…….

  • Be me
  • Move Forward
  • Know the right thing
  • Take the next step
  • Feel better
  • Feel worse
  • FEEL something!!!
We are such special entrepreneurs and it seems that we sometimes seek the PERMISSION to do whatever we want to do. Sometimes, it feels so lonely to be who we are and do what we do, that we need and want to have the emotional backup and support to move forward with our plans.

It can feel like giving ourselves permission is almost self-indulgent and self-ish because we are questioning whether it is the “right thing to do”. WELL!!! Step back buddy…. Take a good hard look at yourself and then BACK YOURSELF.

This game that we are all playing, this “business malarkey” that we do, is all about finding the right support, finding and fulfilling your potential and backing yourself in your ideas, your successes, your failures and your daily celebrations. It is a freakin’ rollercoaster ride; some days your hands are waving in the air like you just don’t care, and other days, the fear on your face as you plummet to the ground is heartbreaking. But ask yourself this – is it all worth it?
My answer would be a HELL YEAH – and it would be a hell yeah on the worse days and the bestest of shinest-rainbow days. I get to decide each day what I want to achieve and whether or not I am going to achieve it. But each day is also the rollercoaster ride of do I / can I back myself today?

Can I give myself the permission to do what I want to do – whatever that might be?

It is not easy. It is not a walk in the park.

Each day is a tightrope walk of whether the permission that was given by me-to me, was the right thing to do. But, I also know that the great leaders of our time are vast advocates of failing fast – and man – have I done that a few times in the last few years. Failing fast even feels good sometimes, because I know that I did it on my terms, my way, with only me to take responsibility. When I am working with clients, I work with their strengths and amp them up so that they have all the confidence in what they are creating. But, if they ask for my permission to change their minds, or change their direction, the answer is always going to be – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? It is totes up to youse! If we want to WIN and SUCCEED as this game, then we have to take responsibility for our own actions and know that we gave ourselves the permission and THAT…….THAT is enough. What are you going to give yourself permission to do today? What are you going to move forward towards NOW?

Give yourself Permission to make your dreams real goals.

Work with me, stay accountable, keep the momentum and energy levels high - go further than you dreamed of Sign up for a FREE Strategy Call. GAME On!

How do you go about conquering your fears?

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Woman in summer dress standing on a sea

Picture the typical Australian scene….. you get up in the morning and you head to your local beach for a walk/run/surf/swim….. you look out at the expansive beautiful, clean, clear Ocean and it beckons you to GET IN IT!

To me, one of my greatest fears is the Ocean……. And believe me, so many people laugh at me and joke about it, but to me, it is real; to me it is terrifying; to me it is that out-of-control feeling that I might die if I take 1 more step..

Dramatic?  Yes.

Traumatic? YES!

So, on January 1, being the beginning of 2015, I decided that I would like to see what would happen if I “faced the fear and did it anyway”?   I wanted to see how I deal with fears of my own.   It is a BOILING hot day in Sydney, Australia and I headed to a beach that is crowded with children – mostly because then I know that if it is safe for them, it is more than likely, safe for me (and if there are sharks, then they will go for the children first, right??) – it is as flat as a pancake and shimmers in the bright sunshine at 8am.  I am with my Mum who is visiting from the UK, and we tentatively put our toes in the water…. Immediately, I see a school of fish – now let’s be clear – these are not piranhas…. they are not even brightly coloured, they are tiny 2 inch long little fishies, but there are hundreds of them.  

My chest clenches and I start to feel the panic.  

I take another step, with my Mum telling me that the fish will move as soon as I take a step.  They do (Phew!).  So now, it has been 5 mins and I am up to my knees.  It takes another 15 mins and a lot of hopping on 1 foot, running back out if my leg touches something and then going back in again….. I could see the bottom (thank goodness), but as I got deeper, there was more seaweed, so each bit that touched me, I assumed immediately was a killer sea-creature of some description and was going to eat me chunk-by-chunk (a bloody big meal!!).

But after 20 mins of slow and steady, I did it, I was swimming IN THE OCEAN!  

I didn’t stay in for long, but it wasn’t the point, I conquered the fear of getting into the UNKNOWN.   I got out of the water and started thinking about how I had approached the fear and how I have helped my clients approach their fears too.  

I work with individuals and I help women entrepreneurs with their individual fears.

There are so many “types” of fears that we all talk about:

  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Loosing Control
  • Fear of the Ocean (just me???) ;)

But the way that we conquer, grow and move through these fears are individual to us.

I am a speed freak and a confronter, so if something scares me or is a fear of mine, ordinarily, I will take it head on and bust through it – OR, I will take the slow and steady approach for the really big fears (doing webinars!!!), and procrastinate (for protection) and put-off/delay (for time) and then come to my own realisation that what others have been saying all the time, is probably true – it is not that bad once you TAKE ACTION!   And this is what I coach my clients through. Every one of us has a fear of something in our businesses, every one of us is battling a task that is holding us back and helping us to play small.   What are you hungry for?   What do you want?   To play small or to live to your potential?   To hide behind yourself or GET OUT IN FRONT and be your success?

Bring FOCUS and Attention on the things that you want to achieve… and let fear be your guide to what is the next right step for your journey.

 I have to go…. I fancy a swim!!!??

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Your Vision… What’s the BIG BIG Plan?

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Searching for your visioin

Can you answer that question?  

I really really struggle with the BIG BIG plan... …. I can have the vision

…. but the plan makes it so….. REAL!

I look at the vision as the DREAM – what do you WANT to happen?  

What if money was no object and time was not an issue – what would you DREAM? The plan is the ACTION steps that need to be taken to accomplish the DREAM. And that is where SH*T gets real! ...And when SH*T gets real, it gets scary and ...

......when it is scary, it is hard to move forward and ...

.........when it is hard to move forward, you are stuck and ...

............when you are stuck, you feel overwhelmed and ...

...............when you are overwhelmed….. well you get the picture!

Now, for some people, the easiest place to be is in a state of overwhelm, because that is where they feel comfortable, that is where they are able to play the game, but not move forward. But, for those of us that WANT to play BIG BIG BIG – we have to get out of our own way and be able to have the big vision, so that we are able to create the plan that moves us towards that vision. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary!  That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of us or create that twist in your guts that is a physical response to the fear…. BUT…. We do it anyway.   

We do it because we know that we are meant for bigger things and we are meant to be seen and heard (did I just say that out loud!!!).  

The flip side for me, is the feeling that I get when I think about NOT doing it. When I think about that, I feel so deflated and like my life is just passing me by – I NEED to contribute, I NEED to help people, I NEED to know that I am helping people be successful – and this makes me successful. I think that the question becomes, what do you want to accomplish for your life and your business?   If you have BIG BIG visions, are you working towards them – are you even ADMITTING what they are?   Are you saying them out loud and holding yourself accountable to that vision?   Are you living your potential TO.ITS.FULLEST – every single day? Miley Cyrus says in “The Climb”:
“I can almost see it, that dream I’m dreaming, but there’s a voice inside my head says you’ll never reach it, every step I’m taking, every move I make feels lost with no direction, my faith is shaken, but I, I’m gonna keep tryin’, gotta keep my head held high”
deep Miley…. Very deep. But the sentiment is, to get over your mountain – or get to the top – you have to get past the voices in your head (we all have them don’t we, oh gawd…. Please tell me it is not just me!!), and keep trying and walking tall, with your vision laser-sharp on the BIG dream. To finish off Miley’s thoughts - There is “Always gonna be another mountain, I’m always gonna wanna make it move, always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose, ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb.”  (I know you want to Youtube this now – so here is the link)

Please have a BIG VISION;

Be vocal about it;

Be loud and proud with your goals….

The plan will come together when you can see the big picture for yourself!

Are you stuck on this? Would you like someone to reach in and pull you out of your on head, set down the steps, keep you accountable, help find the fastest path to success? Join the Waitlist for G.A.M.E. On! where you and I can work together to Make your Vision Come to Life

Are YOU your Own Worst Enemy?

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Isn’t it awful to think that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is?  

Doesn’t it bug you that we are unkinder to ourselves than we would allow anyone else to be to us?  How hard would you fight for your best friend if they were saying mean things to themselves all the time?  

And yet, that is what we do to ourselves.

I wish that I could record the gumpf* in my head and replay it to myself.  Sometimes it is so automatic to be mean/rude/derogatory to ourselves that we don’t even realise that we are doing it.  I have been trying to catch myself when that “tape” in your head starts with the “mean reel” – but it has to be a conscious thought and sometimes, I just have to let it say all it needs to say, because it is too much like hard work to stop it – ARRRRGGGHHHH!  Can SOMEONE stop the voices in my head!

In being your own worst enemy – what do you GAIN from it?

I am honestly asking…. I am interested?  

I get asked this by Business Coaches all the time “But what do you GAIN from being a bitch to yourself” – I can’t answer it.  I have been every which way…. Maybe it is because I am not willing to face the answers from it.  But it is well worth asking yourself the question and seeing what the answers might be for you.

If you could work out what you gain and why you need to gain it, and where this holds you back in your life, what a blessing of knowledge that would be.

Wouldn’t it?  

I truly believe that.....

“knowledge is power”


“once you know better, you DO better”

– so if you know – and can name – that ENEMY in your head, then you can combat it with kindness….

Because in the end, it is just another part of you, it is probably the part that is trying to keep you playing small and protecting you from branching out into the big wide world.

It could be the part that is questioning everything that you want to do for yourself, because it is playing devils-advocate.  But if you named it “Susan” and said, “Susan, thanks for your thoughts, but I am going to do it anyway” that could give you a little boost of confidence that you needed to move past that gumpf*.

"Make your inner voice, match your outer actions" ... I said that, tell your friends – that's a twitter-22x22 TWEETABLE!! Ha ha! 

If you don’t want to be your own worst enemy, then what actions are you going to take to become your own best friend?

I would love to know in the comments below…..

Is it time to crack this 'stuff' once and for all?

Let's work together to make big Goals turn into reality.

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*Gumpf is a technical term for mess-in-your-head ☺ !

Are you still letting procrastination rule your business?

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procrastination cure

I see it so often.

A new client starts working with me and they tell me how busy they are.

They're running around like a blue-arsed fly helping other people, staying on top of what's going on on Facebook, checking email 20 times a day and trying to get to laundry basket-zero status.

I'll let you in on a little secret that I always share with them ...


But then they assure me that this stuff has to get done, and how no one else will do it if they don't.

Then I gently ask this question:

What is the one thing you need to do that will move your business forward today?

And you know what? The answer is NEVER any of the fore-said tasks they have been running around doing.

You see what is really going on is a whole lot of PROCRASTINATION.

Here's a kicker for you to think about...

If you can cure your chronic procrastination - you can do all the real work - and the pay-off for this is - YOU REACH YOUR GOALS!

So if you're ready to kick your chronic procrastination to the kerb, then I've got the cure ready for you.

There are 7 Steps. None of them are particularly difficult. It's not rocket science people, but it does need to be front and centre!

So grab your copy here [Procrastination Cure] Print it out and go through the steps.

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Scared of actually being seen out there?

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Are you Hiding??  Can we see you?  Can we hear you?


Oh Gawd…. This is one of my “specials”!!  

I have had my own business for over 4 years, and I only got a website in June of 2014 – WHY?  Because I was quite happy hiding and playing small.  I was quite happy that the people that found me (by word of mouth) were so happy to have found someone “that does what I do” – but it still didn’t click with me, that I needed to get out of my own way and open up to the possibility that others in the world needed me too.

NOW…. Are you doing the same thing?  

Have you got a website, but sit there wondering why clients aren’t finding you?  Are you worried about advertising because it all feels so icky, so you will just wait quietly, hoping it will happen eventually?  

If there is 1 thing that I have learned in the last year, it’s that this is my new favourite thing to help clients realise.   Because when they realise that they are hiding/playing small, they start to see the potential of what is possible for themselves.  It is like a light switches on and a flame is ignited.  It is like the world opens up and you are at the centre of it (in a good way!). You can suddenly see what you need to do…. THEN…. THEN… the fear and questions hit you…. Can I really do this?

Who is going to want this?

I feel like a fraud.

I don’t know how to move forward.

I am stuck.

I am overwhelmed……

BUT…. Now you know there is more out there; so you KNOW you are hiding; and you KNOW that you need to do something else; something different; change something – because:

“If nothing changes, then nothing changes”

What then? When I got to this point at the beginning of  2014, it STILL took me 6 months to get a website out into the big-wide-world.  It still took me 3 months to sort out HOW to help people in a way that made sense to me AND to my potential clients – as my good friend says “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…. But to me that was utterly frustrating, because I wanted it all to happen YESTERDAY, not tomorrow – and the only thing in the way – WAS ME.   I had to wake up each day and ask “do I want to hide today, or do I want to help people” – the answer was always to help people, but the wading-through-mud-feeling that I had to get through to know that I wasn’t hiding, was tortuous sometimes!  

Do you feel the same?

If you do, try this:

  1. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN (remember the old “Green Cross Code” – UK people!!).  Use a few minutes to really think about what you are wanting to create.  Sometimes being able to see yourself helping others is enough to move you forward with the baby steps.

  2. Say to yourself G.A.M.E. On – Goal, Action, Momentum, Energy – set the Goal, take the Action, gain the Momentum, feel the Energy – BOOM!

  3. Realise that if you keep doing what you are doing now, then you will stay where you are now… and if you want to move forward, then what do you need to do differently – DEEP HUH!!

I really hope that you are able to create 2015 with the VISION of PLAYING BIG and moving towards your goals!

If you would like a little support keeping that momentum moving forwards join the New Years Resolution Support Group



From Woe to Go

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from Woe to Go imageCan you believe that another year is nearly over?

Can you believe that THIS YEAR was going to be THE YEAR and now it is coming to a close and there is still a list of things that you wanted to achieve….?

Well…. 2015 is around the corner, so how are you going to create that “list”, have the goals or SEE the future vision, when you feel like you are starting the year on the back-foot??

I totally understand…. This time last year, I went away to do 2 weeks of solid planning for my business.  Planning, dissecting, vision-boarding – whatever it took for me to be able to see the BIG picture, the HUGE vision that I have for me and my business.  

Then (as many of you know), my sister died on Christmas Eve and I had to do an emergency flight back to the UK.  That changed everything for 2014 (and rightly so), it shifted focus and emotional energy towards myself, but away from my business.  

With the anniversary coming up and that ever impending “we must plan for 2015” – I started thinking about what I want to do in 2015 and how I want the year to feel for me.  I wanted to see where my focus was and how to achieve the achievable goals.  I wanted to move “From Woe to GO!” for my business and for myself.  So, I am setting out to do that…. WHO IS WITH ME (picture me standing in front of crowds of people with a flag in my hand – NOW…. WHO IS WITH ME!)?

What if, we start 2015 gently?  Work out the focus for ourselves and then move towards the future with the clarity and direction that feels right?

Do you sometimes feel like if you had “better focus” or “more time” then you would be able to achieve more?  LET IT GO my lovelies…. LET IT GO (anyone else singing Frozen with me – tee hee!).

Start a fresh, SHAKE IT OFF (Taylor Swift anyone?),

Let the start of 2015 be the year that you start differently, that you are renewed, supported, encouraged and MOTIVATED to move towards your goals and the vision that YOU hold for yourself.  Make yourself accountable to the tasks that are achievable.

Have a think about these questions:

  1. What does your business DO for you now?

  2. What do you want your business to offer to you in the future?

  3. How do you go from 1 to 2???

Ta da…. Did that start you thinking??

If you feel stuck with a foggy brain, and a wish to move forward for 2015, I am holding a webinar on the 6th January 2015 to help you move “From Woe to GO!” – it will show you where you are focusing now, and where you WANT your focus to go for 2015.  It will help you see where you need to let go, and where you need to concentrate to achieve the future that you are wanting to create.

Want to join a FREE Facebook Group to take your business New Year Resolutions and KICK START them from the 2nd January?  I have set up a “New Year Resolutions Support Group for Entrepreneurs” – we will be holding space, supporting, encouraging and motivating you to achieve what you can in January, so that you start February on the FRONT FOOT and moving towards your goals for the year!  I would love to have you with me!