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This is a SIGN…. look after YOU first!!

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Do you know the premise of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on others?

I remember when I first heard this, I was on a plane with a child and my first thought was – NO WAY…. I will put it on them first and then I will put it on me. The actual act of putting me first didn’t make sense….

Then when I had my own business and someone used this as an analogy for our businesses, I STILL fought the notion.

As time has gone on (I have now had my own business for 5 years!!), I have learned many (many!) lessons and can now see the logic and the importance to putting the oxygen mask on me BEFORE others.

So, just in case you need a reminder….

Here it is…..

The most important person in your life is YOU!

The most important person in your business is YOU!

Look after YOU first – not because you are self-ish or self-absorbed…. But because it is the right thing to do.

If you don’t look after you, then you CAN’T look after others effectively.

When we talk about looking after you and your business – what first comes to mind?

The first thing that jumps into my mind is the investments I have made in my business AND in me over the past 2 years. Different types of coaches - Business, Strategy, Mindset, EFT…. conferences - Bali, Thailand, LA, San Francisco.

I made these investments deliberately and immediately because I knew my first instinct is to put others first (I am not being a martyr, it is what I am getting the most help around changing!). So removing myself from my comfort zone, and removing the temptation to help others by knowing I had paid to be somewhere that was JUST for me and my business, was important. And, as it turned out, it was also the most important growth period for business.

Now, apparently…. I am STRANGE (special?? ;) ), because if I see something I want to go to – I DO IT, I don’t question, I don’t delay, I DO. Rightly or wrongly, that investment always feels like if I don’t make it then and there, then I will be missing out……

So I am always surprised when I talk to people about what they have attended recently and often hear they have not paid the Early Bird price – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I am honestly asking….. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PAY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO? – oh sorry… did I do that in capitals – WELL I MEANT IT!

I quite often get on a flight or attend an event and start asking people what they paid for their ticket…. And I am ALSO that cocky bi-atch that says – “did you pay that? Oh, I paid the early bird price” – do you want to slap me yet? Tee hee!

That investment in myself FEELS SO MUCH BETTER when I do it early and have something to look forward to and plan for!

Just imagine the feeling of getting in Early!  You will feel:

  • bloody happy you have the extra bonuses of the exclusive dinner on the Sunday night and the EXTRA discount (code below!).
  • like a trendsetter - you can lead your friends to get in and can TOTALLY have the "cocky-conversation" of "oh.... didn't you get the Early Bird ticket" - tee hee!
  • totally organised and prepared for the coming year!  Wowsers - imagine that!

Obviously this is all leading somewhere – and the SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets are available for The Spectacular - A Business Symposium NOW – but the reason I have made them available so early is you can then organise that time so you can really invest the time in YOU. Create the time and space for you in advance…..

AND…. If you get the SUPER EARLY BIRD ticket – you will be saving yourself the angst and procrastination that might occur when the price goes UP – AND…. If you get your ticket before the 18th September, then you are invited along to an exclusive dinner on the first night! So you get to pay less AND have an extra dinner – WHHHHAAAATTTT?? PLUS (but wait…. there’s more!!) a special discount code ON THE SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE!! Just put in “imettrudy” at checkout! At the end of the event, you will:
  • be able to take ACTION on your dreams and plans
  • be a part of a community of like-minded, engaged women
  • feel like you are a part of something BIGGER than just you - that creates growth for you and your business!

I hope this gives you the permission (if you need it ;) ) or the reminder to take the action for your business, that moves you forward towards your dreams.

This Symposium is going to take you on a journey through a road-map of your business, with the end result being an action plan for YOUR BUSINESS. What if you had a clear path to your future success and you could invest in that NOW with a knowing in your heart that it is the right thing to do….?

If The Spectacular feels like a good fit for you…. (have a look at the Spectacular Speakers here), then don’t delay…. Invest in your future today! Put the oxygen mask on you FIRST!


I would love to hear from you; to hear your REAL conversation about what it takes – and I would love to see you in February 2016 for 2.5 days of planning, strategies and action!

Want to experience a little of the speakers before then? Download a guide from The Spectacular Speakers of how they Up-Level their day to create an AWESOME business and life.

opt in rezise

BOOK NOW for your SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets (use this sneaky discount code for even MORE of a discount AND to come along to a special dinner to be held on the Sunday night – Discount code “imettrudy”)

book now 2

P.S. Don’t be the one that leaves it until the last minute! I would much rather you paid less and got more added bonuses (am I nuts!!).

P.P.S. So, I am asking…. Are you putting your oxygen mask on first?

I am freakin’ Jerry Maguire and you complete me!

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You…complete me

I am freakin’ Jerry Maguire and here is my manifesto!

NO… not because I am shouting SHOW ME THE MONEY…. But because I have a manifesto and I believe in it and I believe that what I am doing is for GOOD!

Disclaimer – please don’t let me know if this manifesto isn’t an ACTUAL manifesto – I made it up and it makes sense to me (in Trudy land… where the sun is always shining and pizza and chocolate have no calories ;) )

I absolutely loved Jerry Maguire – the way he stood up in that office and basically said – there is a better way, and I am going to find it and who ever wants to come with me – come with me…. SO…… "WHO’S WITH ME" (says Jerry!) ??



The blank faces, the shifty-eyes-where-do-I-look, the “do-I-or-don’t-I-thinkers” – SQUEAL! What next!

So… that is where I am now!

I am just a girl standing in front of you… asking you to…. – WAIT… wrong film!

Through my entire career, there has been a constant, and that constant has been about community, collaboration and achievement. I have built teams within the companies I have worked for and we have achieved massive goals for them (I was part of the team that built the first website for a HUGE Telco in the UK!). But it all stems from my beliefs and my values in being a part of something bigger than “just me” and the belief there is ALWAYS more possibilities – it is just having an open mind and the willingness to be a bit vulnerable (oh my goodness, did I just say that out loud!!).

My manifesto is this:

  • I am here to help you.
  • The way I do that is by finding the goals you want to achieve.
  • Breaking them down into actionable plans.
  • Creating the strategies you need for your business to move you forward.
  • Hearing what you don't say, as much as what you do say (some may say voodoo magic, I call it intuition!).
  • Removing your weaknesses and AMPING up your strengths.
  • Showing you the possibilities that are already in you – but fear is holding you back.
  • Helping you to STOP HIDING and start being seen.
  • Break through procrastination and fear, and be supported and acknowledged on the other side of it.

Crikey-O-Reilly – somebody stop me!!

From these values and beliefs; from this manifesto of what I want to achieve with and for you ("Help me.... to help you"), I created The Spectacular – A Business Symposium. WHY?   Because I believe we are all part of a team and a community (and if we are not, then we want to be). I believe we learn good* with other people around us, cheering us on and showing us different ways of moving forward. I believe when you are surrounded by a tribe of like-minded people the possibilities are shown to us in a bigger way than we thought possible before.

With all this said….. I also believe planning is imperative to being bigger-er and better-er in this world. If we know there is something to aim for, with a clear path to the goal, then we better prepare for the future!

So, I have made the SUPER Early Bird tickets available NOW for The Spectacular - A Business Symposium, because I want you to be able to plan for the next few months knowing this is coming up! I want you to be able to meet the speakers on social media and be a part of the Facebook Group to start building the connections and community so when you arrive at the event, you are already with friends!

I want for you to be excited to learn and thrilled to receive the information that will be imparted to you over the 2.5 days.

But most of all, I know you will leave The Spectacular with an ACTIONABLE plan – a Road Map if you will – for your business, to take it (and you!) to the next level.

Let’s start to have REAL conversations about your business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur and a business woman.

I would love to hear from you; to hear your REAL conversation about what it takes – and I would love to see you in February 2016 for 2.5 days of planning, strategies and action!

Want to experience a little of the speakers before then? Download a guide from The Spectacular Speakers of how they Up-Level their day to create an AWESOME business and life.

opt in rezise

BOOK NOW for your SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets (use this sneaky discount code for even MORE of a discount AND to come along to a special dinner to be held on the Sunday night – Discount code “imettrudy”)

book now 2

P.S. Don’t be the one that leaves it until the last minute! I would much rather you paid less and got more added bonuses (am I nuts!!).

P.P.S. So, I am asking…. Who's with me?

Oh and…..

P.P.P.S You complete me!  And you had me at Hello!

You…complete me

*that is deliberate – tee hee!

3 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Networking at Events like a PRO…… even when you are shy!

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happy little networkers

Do you feel as though your business is YOUR business and “therefore, you are all alone in this”?

Are you an introvert and think that makes networking at events difficult?

Do you think about up-levelling your business and then poop-yo-pants?

(Note: I hope you don’t do the last one!!).

There are times in our businesses that we feel like we are solopreneurs – and not in a positive way.

I know for me, when I start to feel like it is all on me and that no one else can help me, that is the time I am probably playing the smallest and I am scared or fearful of moving forward or even looking at the BIG POSSIBILITIES that are out there.

I said in a Facebook group recently, people are always surprised (or down-right don’t believe) that I am an introvert. So, let me explain what that looks like for me and how I use it as a benefit, not a problem.

Lots of times - especially with networking events, seminars, workshops and conferences – I know when they are coming on my calendar (because I plan ahead – like a year ahead ;) ) and I am able to prepare myself for the energy that I want to put into those events. I am not talking about speaking on stage, or presenting to a group of people – literally, just preparing my energy to be in a room with a bunch of other lovely people and talking. As an introvert, I gain energy from being by myself and from quiet time. So being in a group of people (whether it is 10 or 700 people) can be quite draining for me – THAT IS NOT A NEGATIVE.


(even that is a double negative!!)?

Well…. Because….. I LOVE IT! I love meeting people. I love listening to people. I love hearing about what other people are doing with their businesses. I love the energy and vibe in a room of like-minded people. There is nothing better – there is nothing better, as long as I know that afterwards, I can sit in a quiet room for a while to recharge!

I was recently at Problogger 2015 an event held on the Gold Coast in Australia.  It is an incredible gathering of 700 of your new friends - so how did I do "introvert networking" with all these potential new friends?  Well......

  1. I made sure to get a good nights sleep and I didn't stay out too late at the INCREDIBLY enticing meet-ups and parties!
  2. I actively spoke to people in an easy way - i.e. I didn't BARREL up to people and say "HELLLLLLOOOO" (although.... I think I did try this once!!), but I did find a table and sat down with a cup of coffee and asked if people had enjoyed the last session or asked about what they did.
  3. I wanted to hear about how they have progressed in their businesses and the steps that people take to up-level their businesses - so I asked the question!

I also know that being in that room and being surrounded by the BUZZ gives me the feeling there is EVERY POSSIBILITY for me, my business and my life - and that is MAGIC!

I was speaking to The Spectacular Speakers (have you heard about The Spectacular – A Business Symposium?) about this feeling of how to up-level your business and how they create this feeling for themselves so that you can feel like you are NOT a solopreneur (i.e. lonely, isolated, "in this by yourself") and you feel more like your business is SPECTACULAR!

Some of the tips were GOLD so I put them all in a little ebook for you!  The whole ebook can be found here for you. But if you would like a few tips to try straight away:

  • Quiet time before you open your eyes in the morning. Ask yourself “What can I do to honour myself today?”
  • Working out your focus for the day on the evening before. This can put your mind at rest, so that you can get up and be ready to get into it.
  • Real life connections. Get out to networking events, talk with people and get out from behind the computer to truly connect with potential clients and new friends.
  • Be yourself!  No one is better at being you... than you!  Really, business is all about doing things you love for people you love to serve.
  • Recognise that you can have everything, but you can’t do everything. So, get to know your true strengths: tasks that energise you and come naturally.

If you would like more tips like this – get the FREE EBOOK here.

opt in rezise

Pssssssttttt: P.S. If you want an EXTRA discount on the Early Bird ticket price for The Spectacular – A Business Symposium – the SECRET discount code is “imettrudy”! That is only available until the 21st August – so get in QUICK!

book now 2

My biggest business failure and what I have learned from it

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biggest business failure

Well, what a few weeks it has been! I feel like I have been inside a front-loader washing machine and every now and again I could wave to the outside, but other than that, I was in darkness, treading water and going around… and around… and around…..!!

At the beginning of June, I made the life-long dream decision to put on a Symposium for women entrepreneurs. It took shape SO QUICKLY and felt so right. You know when you get those feelings of “this is it”! So, I marched on, got the PERFECT venue, organised the ticket sales, started making all the lists. And even though I KNEW that I didn’t know everything that I needed to… I still marched on without asking for help, or finding a team……

Then, within 1 month, my Mum arrived from the UK (to stay with me for a month), as her Mother (my Grandma) laid in a nursing home waiting to die. And then, on a very sad Saturday, she was gone – we were there in the morning hearing her breathe and watching her sleep…. And 3 hours later, she was gone. It was surreal to me.

But, Monday morning, back I got to the task at hand. This is going to be a “SPECTACULAR”. I was a bit run down, I had had a flu that had turned into bronchitis and I had that for about 9 weeks…. And then all the doubts FLEW into my head. I started hearing all the things that people had said to me either recently, or in the past – they all melded into one.

“You can’t do this”.                            “You haven’t thought things through”.

“I hope you can pull this off” (with a knowing head-tilt and a shrug of the shoulders).

I felt like everyone hated me and the WHOLE WORLD (dramatic!!) was laughing behind my back…. So what did I do….. I marched on. But now, with the doubts in my head and a level of “pushing” exhaustion, I was sinking into overwhelm.

A friend of mine offered to sit with me to get everything out of my head (this is what I can do for others, but it is hard to do it for yourself!) and see where I was at. We sat there talking and going through the practical aspects of running an event this size and she said “What if you moved the date?” – and I LOST it!

“It would let EVERYONE down”.                 “I would be such a failure.”

“I can hear everyone tutting behind my back”.

“I told you she couldn’t do it”.                “I knew this would happen”.


I walked away from her with a very rigid head on my shoulders, there is NO WAY that I am giving in, there is NO WAY that I can’t get this done, there is NO WAY that I need help.


So, I settled down; I gave myself a bit of space and time. I started talking to my friends about what was going on for me. I started looking for the right resources to make this the event that I wanted it to be. I made sure to do what I help others do – put the strong foundations in place so that success is built on that.

And ….. TA DA…. The event was moved! I rang the venue and they could do the dates that I wanted over 1 of the busiest weekends on the conference-calendar – FATE.

Once I had made the decision and taken the decisive ACTION towards the better outcome, a weight lifted.

I created a team that is very supportive of the MADNESS of this event (is it going to be lots of fun!).

I have an incredible line-up of speakers that are behind the vision of adding value, experience and knowledge to the audience.

I am TOTALLY reinvigorated for the DREAM. I never lost the vision, but I let my mind get in my way. I made assumptions on what people around me were thinking, and I turned them into a spiral of negative information in my brain to lead to my biggest business failure! NUT-JOB!

So what did I learn and why is this a failure.

I failed to see the signs that I was pushing forward rather than checking in with the progress and process.

I failed to look after myself and see what I was doing to myself.

I failed to realise that I needed a team (AND I KNOW THIS!) and who would be the right people to be on that team.

I failed to involve the people that care about me and instead tried to manage everything myself.

I learned to STOP, reassess, step back (and I will keep re-learning this freakin’ pattern!).

I learned to add in time-for-me – don’t underestimate the value of quiet time for yourself in whatever way is best for you.

I learned that you can have a “team” but they might not be the right people to help you on this project.

I learned that I am tenacious (I can hear you all going – WE KNOW!!), and sometimes that is not the BEST approach when it comes to bashing my head against a brick wall ;)

After (and in the midst of) all that, I created an ebook from all the incredible speakers from The Spectacular (Early Bird tickets are available now!) on how to “Take your business to another level” – and a lot of these tips, I WISH I had listened to for myself. I now have it printed off and on my wall (and you can too ;) ).

This is a turning point. This is how we (just me??) learn.

This is how we grow.

This is how we reach the next level of business and life.

I can’t wait to see you in February 2016 for The Spectacular – A Business Symposium.

book now 2

One small thing you can do right now…..

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Tell me you’ve never had one of those days that you’ve thought about throwing in the towel. That you’ve never thought ‘I’m just not cut out for this entrepreneurship business’

It’s tough out there on your own.

And no one tells you that before you make your leap. They all talk about the freedom, ‘be your own boss and never work a day in your life’. Live your passion. Do what you love and the money will follow.

But let’s get honest.

There are days that no one calls you back. Weeks when everyone chooses not to turn up to their appointment. Times when customers ask for a refund. Days when everything goes wrong. And there is no one to call and leave it all with - the buck stops with you.

There may even be times when you resent that business that you’ve created.

It needs more attention than a toddler.

And an outsider reading this may be thinking by the time they get to this line - why would you bother?

BUT you know - don’t you.

We’ve talked about this before and I know that’s why you signed up for this entrepreneurship.

I don’t need to talk you into staying in business - or even why you do it.


So how do you bring back the love?

That first love you had?

Remember what it was like when you fell head over heals with the idea of being the CEO of this business.

You could find no fault.

Even her (the business I mean) quirks were fun.

“Oh, so you don’t come with a regular paycheck?” …. “oh, I don’t need regular money, I can get by on love”

“What’s that? You’re always there… I can’t go home at 5pm on Fridays?” … “Oh how loving of you”


So it was that kind of thing that kept you going in the beginning. That unconditional love for your biz, kept you working on weekends and doing whatever it took to make it work.

And sometimes you need to bring that back.

So that’s one of the big reasons I created “The Spectacular - A Business Symposium”.

I wanted to make business fun and lovable again.

Don’t get me wrong I know you need strategy and planning - that’s a no brainer.

But there was a huge gap - a chasm.

You could go sit in an auditorium …. do a quick catch up in the break out area and then be back into it.

But I wanted to create so much more.

And I have.

The Spectacular is just that - a spectacular.

This is a new kind of event for the New Economy.

1709One thing’s for certain, when you enter the room at an event Trudy has organised you immediately know you’re in the right place. Trudy is warm, genuine, fun, professional and you know she’s on top of what’s going on, everything having been organised beautifully, with a purpose. Not only does Trudy’s organisation make you feel relaxed right away (and the company she attracts, it’s no wonder it’s such a fabulously sincere and supportive group of women) but you know that things have been set up for results. It’s about more than ‘just’ meeting other business owners, it’s about actually leaving having gained valuable and actionable insights. Trudy doesn’t just put on events, she hosts events that people talk about.

Caroline Cain, Event Attendee
We’re not going to be hiding in corners, looking at our phones.

There is going to be fun and entertainment around every corner.

This is a destination - an adventure.

You don’t want to miss out.

Tickets are selling fast.


We’re bringing back fun. We want you to fall back in love with this wonderful business you’ve created.

This is an event you want on YOUR calendar.


I can't wait to see you there. Trudy x

Are you part of the REAL movement?

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Are you part of the REAL movement?

Or just a bystander looking in. There’s a revolution rumbling away that we are so very lucky to be riding the wave of.

By we, I mean you and I.

The lucky ones who have escaped the corporate cubicle, dodged the timesheets, exchanged paid leave for ‘paid to be you’.

It’s the New Economy. Its the global demand delivered to our living room while simultaneously allowing us to go solo like no generation has before.

If you’re like me you still have a few friends who haven’t cottoned on to the new way of life.

They wonder what you do with all your time. How can you choose when you work? Where you work and who you work with? How could that be possible?

It’s new and it’s exciting. We’re mavericks, renegades, carving out a new way to make an income doing what lights us up.

In the words of Arianna Huffington, “To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a ‘third metric’ of success that goes beyond money and power to include well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.“

And that is the movement we’re part of.

Or are we?

Have you created a freedom-based independent business OR have you simply just created a job for yourself t home?

If you’re reading this and thinking that the latter applies more to you, then it’s time to change that. Or at least go back to working in the office - heck the tea and biscuits are free there.

So assuming that you cringe when I mention going back to the office - what could you do to turn this hard slog that you’ve set up for yourself, into what it was meant to be? And stop settling for less?

First you need to start ‘filling your cup’ so you can operate from a place of overflow instead of  being completely burned out and empty before you even start the day.

What are you doing to fill your cup?

Let’s do a little exercise shall we (not physical!!  Just mental exercise!! Stay with me!)?

Ok so let’s say that to fill your cup you needed to actively schedule in regular ‘good stuff’. ‘Good stuff’ for the record does not look like a mad dash to pick up the kids, laundry, or other chores.

Good Stuff - by definition - and yes, I’m being strictly technical here, is doing something that makes you feel good.

Let’s create a brain-dump of ‘Good Stuff’!

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Getting a massage
  • Hanging out in nature
  • Heading for a spa treatment
  • Swimming in the sea (if that’s your thing)
  • Phoning and planning a lunch with an old friend
  • Connecting with those online friends - offline
  • Remembering and practicing an old hobby you loved, like photography or dancing
  • Playing a fun sport like barefoot bowls or beach frisbee

Now make this a long list. Add things that you don’t even know how you’d get started but you know would make you feel great.

Next I want you to make next to each one whether it’s ‘weekly, monthly or occasionally’.

Make sure you have at least a couple of weekly things on there. They don’t have to cost anything. They could be sitting down for a quiet cup of your favourite tea on the verandah for 30 minutes - with no plans other than relaxing.

Ok, now add in a monthly - maybe that’s the spot for a massage that you book in the first tuesday of every month.

Now what is on your occasional?  Do you have weekend away planned for yourself?

I would love for you to add in to your calendar “The Spectacular - A Business Symposium”.

It will be a place to connect with online friends - offline.

It will also be a place where we’re stepping out everything you need for your business strategy and your lifestyle freedom.

This is where all the mavericks of the New Economy will be gathering.

Tickets are selling quickly. Accommodation is being booked.

Make the most of the early bird pricing and book now.  If you book by the 17th July, you will be invited to an EXCLUSIVE dinner on the Sunday night!

Be a part of the REAL movement, not just a bystander.

YOU are part of the revolution that is happening - make sure you have some amazing real life experiences like this to look forward to - and to look back on. Because otherwise we may as well all head back to the cubicle.

Look forward to seeing you there.



P.S. BONUS BONUS BONUS - We love bonuses at The Daisy Chain Group .... Early Bird bonus - EXCLUSIVE dinner on Sunday night, when you sign up by the 17th July. Follow this link to get on the EXCLUSIVE Dinner


CREATE it… and they will come!

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Do you remember the days of going to conferences and seminars when you were in your “corporate career”…. AARRRGGGHHH! I would usually go so that I could nick-out early and have an early day out from work (just being honest!).

You would arrive; feel awkward; hear white noise for a few hours; look forward to the buffet lunch; hide in a corner; pretend to be on the phone; hide in the toilets; Ha ha….. I have done it all….

THEN…. I became a business owner / entrepreneur and started going to very different “experiences” – conferences that taught subjects that I was interested in; speakers that I WANTED to listen to and learn from; still a bit awks – but that is just because (although people generally think I am an extrovert), I am an introvert…..

BUT…. I couldn’t find the conference that had EVERYTHING that I wanted… AND, I couldn’t find it in Australia…. The Lucky Country!

So… I decided to CREATE IT. I have done this my whole life.

When I first moved to Australia (14 years ago!!), I moved into an apartment building and put signs up in the lobby of the building for people that might want to meet for a walk at 7am on a Monday morning (YES, I LOVE MONDAYS ;) ), I had 20 people sign up, and 15 that showed up on the day – that walking group soon turned into a dinner group; which turned into a wine “appreciation” club, which turned into some really good friends – I arrived not knowing anyone, and within a short space of time, I had created a community.

If I want to experience something and I can’t find it, I create it. So, when I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a conference…. (you guessed it…) I created it!!!

And so….


And it is going to be EPIC!

This is a SYMPOSIUM (rather than a conference), because it sounds fancier and fun-er-er and more like me than a stiff-boring-conference.

Through my 5 years of having my own business, I have learned what is important to being successful AND I have learned some (ok, most) of these lessons the hard way…. So I have gathered the MOST SPECTACULAR line up of speakers to help you with the areas that we all need to know to move our businesses forward and be able to SEE the POSSIBILITIES for ourselves and our lives – BOOM – doesn’t that sound good??

The 2.5 days are going to be a rollercoaster of fun, speakers, (speakers that are fun!), having a look at your WHOLE business (which includes you!) and seeing what the potential is – your FULL POTENTIAL. You will walk out of the Symposium with an action plan to implement – this is NOT just about HEARING the information, it is about how it PRACTICALLY can be applied to your business. You will be filled up with FUN; be in a room of 200 women entrepreneurs that are your new friends, colleagues and acquaintances to BE THERE for you on your journey……. Building connections and collaborations – that is what I LOVE!

No more hiding (whether it is in the toilets, or pretending to be on the phone!). No more playing small.

Come along and SEE AND HEAR the POSSIBILITIES for you….. and… it is in the most SPECTACULAR venue in Leura, Blue Mountains – we will be surrounded by fresh air and incredible views…..

Let this change your mind on what a “conference” is – I promise, you will not leave here with the same thinking as you arrive!!

I would love to hear what your experience of being an attendee at a conference is, leave a comment below.

I can’t wait to meet you….. keep taking action towards your dreams and see you soon.


P.S. Take action NOW to be one of the lucky ones that gets in with the Early Bird tickets (if you mention this blog I will give you a FREE 1 hour Brain Download - Valued at $400, when you send me the receipt for your Early Bird ticket! Sshhhhh.... don't tell anyone else, tee hee!).

If your biz is meant to fuel your life then …

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Ever stopped to think about what is fuelling your business? And I’m not talking green smoothies and wine...

I mean you are outputting so much as an Entrepreneur… perhaps more than you ever have in your life - especially in the early days. Sure you’re adding in some money, maybe some expert guidance…
.. but where does all the creative energy, dogged determination, client empathy, big bold beautiful ideas, crazy courage and countless tedious hours of hard graft come from?

As micropreneurs we put ourselves in a position that requires our constant unfaltering focus and white-knuckled grip on the rollercoaster that is the ‘Entrepreneurial Learning Curve’.

Looking back - the last time we were required to learn and focus so much with so little insight into what was coming along the path … could be likened to ‘school days’ … so what was fuelling the self discovery journey back then?

How did we refuel in childhood … and how can we use that same ‘thing’ to refuel now in entrepreneurhood?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.”
~George Bernard Shaw


Somewhere between the last days of summer holidays as a child … and the grind of 9 to 5 … we stopped playing. Everything became serious. There was intent in every action. During adolescence it was get good grades, fit in, rebel, keep up.

Then once we started working it was get ahead, keep fit, save for a mortgage, keep up with the jones' … And now in business there are even more goals… focused actions… to do lists… no time for just being …every action in our day has an intent….

But for a moment think back to those fabulous last days that you were just a kid playing - with no ‘goal’ - no exam - just the purest form of stress relief or downtime - playing.

Perhaps you remember that last time you took off in the morning, riding your pushbike all day long with no destination in mind.

Maybe, before your parents decided to pack them all off to the local charity, you can remember spending an afternoon talking to your dolls or teddy’s over tiny cups of imaginary tea and cakes.

Or it could be that last game of hide and seek that turned into a fantastic sunny morning of running around giggling with the neighbourhood kids.

What ever brings up those nostalgic last moments of play - didn’t it feel great? During those moments of play there was nothing else … you were totally present in the moment.

It’s likely that you’ve had many of these moments since childhood. Less toys and teddys but - I’d love to think you still share a few nonsense moments with friends when you’re both joking, laughing or having moments of light fun - with no goal or point - other than relaxation and fun.

Right now let me pose a new business strategy or un-strategy in your long list of success tactics. Up there with goal setting, procrastination busting and focused action - please insert the word PLAY.

Find time during your busy weeks to engage in some fool-hearty play. Instead of mindlessly slumping in front of the TV with a glass of red as your only moments of relaxation during the day…. turn the TV off, put your phone on the charger and goof around with your kids, or get out some colouring pencils and colour-in (adult colouring books have become my new zen). Invite your friends over for a games night and pull out the old Monopoly board or ‘Game Of Life’.

These moments will repay you, repay your business ten-fold.

You are not a machine.

If it feels like you’re juggling too many balls, it’s time to make a few of those balls “fun” to balance life out.

You are a living, breathing, loving, laughing, caring, imaginative, creative, compassionate, fun, sometimes silly human being.

When you invest in yourself and your business by bringing in elements of play, joy and good old-fashioned fun - you are refuelling.

Play More. Live More. Do More. Achieve More. Find out more...

Care to join me?  Let me know in the comments below what you do for F.U.N.


P.S. There are days when PLAY and FUN may seem like a distant memory - BUT.... BUT.... put on a tutu and try not to laugh out loud and do a little dance ;)

The Truth about Accountability

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When you were at school did you do that little phrase of

“I must, I must… I must increase my bust”??  

Well accountability is a lot like that for some people!

You say it out loud… and then nothing happens! Ha ha!  

So many entrepreneurs say “I am going to keep myself accountable”, “I will set myself a goal and keep myself accountable”, then time goes by and you find that you are saying the same thing 3 months (or longer!!) later….. ARRRRRGGGHHH…. Where is the silver bullet to getting SH1T DONE!!??

Now… I am an Accountability Coach – MAGIC!

But, I think that we all know that we teach/coach/mentor on the things that we need the most for ourselves!

I am VERY willing to admit my failings/challenges of keeping myself accountable – but that is also how I know how important it is to have the support systems coaches/mentors around you to KEEP you accountable.

I have 2 Coaches – a Strategy Coach and an Accountability/Business Coach.  Why?

Because that is what I need!  In this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship that we are on, the most important decisions that I have found, have been the decisions that mean you end up INVESTING in yourself and your future.

I have been to 5 conferences this past year (overseas mostly) – EXCESSIVE?

Probably… but I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people, so that when I need to find the right people to pay for services, I know who to turn too.

Accountability is a PART of your journey.

It is about having achievable goals/outcomes so that you are always looking at what you can comfortably and realistically achieve – then you are WINNING.

When you look at your TO DO list, does it make you feel sick?

Can you actually see what NEEDS to get done for that day, or is it like taking out a “pick-up-sticks” and the rest will fall down when you pick the wrong task for the day?

And how are you deciding and looking at what is important to YOU for that day/week?

Are you being supported or guided by an external party?

Do you have an Accountability Buddy or Mastermind to help you?who is keeping you accountable

I hear so many people say “I have an Accountability Buddy” – the thing is, it is a 2 way street and sometimes, it is easier for YOU to keep them accountable, than it is for THEM to keep YOU accountable – am I right???

I know that in what I do; the biggest part of my J.O.B. is LISTENING and HEARING….

Strange talents to put on your CV, but there you have it!  “Trudy… what are your strengths?” – Listening and Hearing!!

In doing these things, I can hear where you are stuck – and whilst I listen to what you are saying, I can HEAR what you really mean… it can tear down walls and rebuild pathways in a matter of minutes. Being accountable means that there are things to be done – but if you find that you are procrastinating (and we all know about this right??) then there is a belief or fear in the way of knowing/being comfortable with moving forward. If I were to tell you my BIG INSIGHT into my clients and why they choose to work with me rather than a Life or Business Coach, it would be because they have tried them in the past…. And whilst they have been given skills, tools and strategies to use in the future, they have not been held accountable to getting stuff DONE.
Disclaimer: this is not the experience of all of my clients, some have had LOVELY coaches that have helped them achieve all kinds of thing…. But I do hear this a lot!
I heard from another Coach this week that over 60% of any Mastermind, Course or Coach that you sign up with, should be about Accountability – it is what helps you to be an even bigger success.  This is what I have found – without a doubt! On the last round of “G.A.M.E. On – 8 Week Intensive” – 80% of the goals that were set at the beginning of the Intensive, were completed within the first 2 weeks – yep, you read that right – 2 WEEKS!!  Why? Because they knew that they were listened to, heard, motivated, energised, encouraged and held accountable to moving from being/feeling stuck, to seeing the possibilities and moving towards their future – it was GOB-SMACKING and so EXCITING – not just for them, but for me too!

I don’t hear excuses; I hear reasons as to why it is safer for you to stay hidden right now.

Whilst our logical, adult brains LOVE to tell us what we can achieve, we are all run with the beliefs that we have worked on for our lives up until now.
If you don’t want to hide any more and you WANT to be held accountable to your POTENTIAL, book in an Action Chat and gain clarity around what is holding you back and how to POWER through it!


I would really love to…. But its not possible for me…..

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comes after

I would really love to.......:

  • Head up a million dollar business… but its not possible for me
  • Run a workshop ….
  • Change my title
  • Grow my business bigger...
  • Create boundaries ...
  • Be a leader…
  • Gain confidence …
  • Speak on stage…..
  • Start again…..

We’ve all done it…. Had dreams for ourselves, our businesses, our lives…. But then our “reality” kicks in and we DECIDE that it is not possible for us to be successful; so the dream stays a dream….. but now… it is not just a dream… we’ve flipped it to become a thought in our head of what we CAN’T achieve and THAT turns into a fear and a belief – THAT is what holds us back from moving forward.

Did you read that paragraph and think – OMG (or OMFG, depending on the FORCE with which it hit you!!) – THAT IS ME!

Can you imagine if that fear and belief did not hold you back?

Can you imagine what life would be, if you just took the action and had the clear path TO that SUCCESS?

Are you someone that gets stuck in the details of a task/project/business structure, so you just stay in the “research” phase of your business thinking about ALL that HAS to be done…. And then doing nothing?

Are you someone that can see the BIG PICTURE of what you are aiming for, but you don’t know what you need to do now to move forward? So you stay exactly where you are.

We all have thoughts of what our limitations are and then spend a lifetime creating the stories that make those limitations REAL.

Too busy…

Too lazy …

Too uncertain …

Too slow …

Too late …

Too quiet …

Too inexperienced …

Too scared ...

Just writing this makes me feel sick – WHY DO WE DO THIS?  

I want to stand up for all of you (and me ;) ) and give you permission to feel LIMITLESS…..!!!  LIMITLESS!!!

We see the question all the time trawling through our Facebook feed – “If all fear was removed, what would you do today?”, “If you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently today?”.

I know that when I see those questions, sometimes, I almost can’t read them or look at them, because the answers would be too scary to face – because the answer would be – WELL WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT THEN??

I have just finished an 8 Week One-on-one Intensive with a client.  She came to me with a dream in her heart and a crap load of baggage holding her back and helping her stay in her old story….. we worked hard, we set plans, we cleared her path, she knew that she was supported and within the first hour of us working together, she could SEE THE POSSIBILITIES…..

But then the story would kick back in….. it was an incredible journey to watch this beautiful woman, with huge potential, STEP INTO her new way of being, realise the POTENTIAL of her life and start LIVING with the possibilities now becoming her REALITY.  

She wants to help people and inspire people with her story.  She wants to write a book and be on stage and be LOUD AND PROUD of herself and where she is NOW.  During GAME On! (My 8 Week One-on-one intensive), she started writing the book and let go of SO MUCH to be able to see the FUTURE.  I could not be more proud of her.

If you are saying any of these...

... “I would really love to…. But it isn’t possible for me” or

... “I would LOVE to, but I can’t see how”, or

... “I would really love to, I have the plans and vision in place, but something is holding me back”...

... then join the GAME On! Interest List to find out when the next round opens

THINK of where YOU could be in just 8 weeks once we peel back 'but it's not possible for me' AND GO GET WHAT YOU'D 'LOVE TO'!