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The 10 Pieces of Software that I use to run to small businesses PRODUCTIVELY!

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Plus a few others…..

I love helping people to be productive, organised, declutter their minds and find a clear and conscious path to follow to the bigger picture of what they want to build in their businesses.  In this endeavour, I am often asked to recommend software, so I thought that I would provide a list that people can use for lots of different areas of business. This list is not exhaustive – I am sure that I will finish this, publish it and then do a big “oh, I should have included this… or that!” But, hopefully it is helpful and gives you a few ideas of where to start, what it is for and where to find it! Because of the way that my mind works, I “connect the dots” with software and business building to give you the options and find what is right for you, so….. these are a few of my favourite things….


The first thing that I did when I set up my business, was choose accounting software – so that right from the beginning it was easy to sort out tax, paying suppliers and reconciling payments from clients. When I started I used QuickBooks accounting, because my Bookkeeper used it.  3 years later I changed to Xero, because my Accountant used it – both are amazing pieces of software and help to organise you and help make things easy to manage with your Bookkeeper/Accountant.


The first thing that I wanted to do was build an audience and then be able to communicate with them. So, I set up: Gmail (and then imported my 5 different email addresses to 1 inbox). Mailchimp – to create newsletters and send them out to my list Then I moved to ConvertKit as my list grew and I needed more functionality for tagging and autoresponders being sent out – again, ease of time!


Wordpress SquareSpace Weebly Wix


To build pages that have a form and information to entice your audience to sign up to your optin or service…. Try: Instapages Leadpages MailMunch


World Time Buddy – sign in, say the city that you are in and the other 3 cities that you would like to see the time for and sit back… time differences become a BREEZE (ish!). Google Calendar – I resisted setting up an online calendar – WWWHHHHYYYYYY???  Nuts!  Once I had this and I had set it up to all be colour coordinated, life was very easy to navigate (at least on paper/screen!!).


BLAB (Book Like A Boss) Timetrade Calendly Acuity


So many pieces of software!!! I use and recommend Basecamp – I have seen all the others and I still come back to this! There is also: Trello Asana


For small businesses, 2 years ago, these were few and far between (without paying a fortune!)…. But now…. HURRAH! Dubsado 17 Hats Active Campaign Then there are the big guns: Ontraport Infusionsoft SalesForce


MindMeister - for getting everything out of your head and seeing it in a colour co-ordinated (swoon!) mind map Slack - if you have a team, even if they are virtual (especially if they are virtual!) - GET SLACK for communicating on different projects or just checking in!  


KAJABI!! This piece of software is a dream that has been built straight out of the mind of small business entrepreneurs!  It incorporates EVERYTHING that you would need to run a business: Website building (it is your website!) Email management Sales Funnel building Payments / Shop Landing pages Online course building Events management EVERYTHING! I do have this and am not using it to its full potential – but my goodness!  What a piece of kit!   I would love to hear what you use and how you find it?  I might even add it to the list!

Are you feeling more productive already???

  This list is relevant as at October 2017 – obviously, new and wonderful software comes out all the time, let me know if this is out of date (sooooo 2017!).


If you would like to have a 20 minute "Trudy's Triage" to see if we can work together to get everything out of your head and into actionable steps towards your success, please contact me!

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What to do before you start your day

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Each day we get up, and we sit in front of our computer ready to start the day!

There is a waver… as our fingers hover over the keyboard – “hhhhmmmmm what shall I get done today” – then there is the obligatory “wait I’ll just check Facebook”, then (usually an hour later!! ;) ) we grab a coffee to REALLY start the day and think “hmmmmm I have 2 hours, what needs to get done today”, then we make a list, or let it swim around our minds and try to remember everything that needs to be done.

THEN (doesn’t this feel like a drag!!), THEN…. We start “something”…. Then we remember that you have to take the washing out of the machine, or call someone that you meant to call back 2 days ago, or you receive a call from someone that just wants you to listen/help with something…. We have all been there.

I have been there!  

So, I started to think, wonder and ponder about what I needed to do BEFORE I start my day, so that I DON’T get derailed within the first 5 mins (procrastinating much!!).

And as I sat pondering, I realised that there was a “formula” (I am so mathematical!!) to the success of the day, and that when I ACTUALLY do these things, then the day is so much more productive, successful and purposeful!  What more could you ask for from any given day!!

So, I wrote it down FOR ME and then realised that what I had done, was written down FOR YOU too!  You need this so that you know you are setting yourself up for a successful day, you need this so that you can pin-point and see where you are stopping yourself from planning for what you WANT to get done for you and for your business.

The benefits that I have found for myself and for my clients are MAGIC.  They literally feel like magical days (too much?? ;) ).  Where before you may feel like you are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, NOW you are organised, structured, accomplishing all that you need to and finishing the day feeling like you can say “that was a bloody good day!”.

I am not saying that this is the routine that you can follow every day (I am not a priest!!), but if you can, and if you do, see the difference that it makes to your business – it is easily trackable!

You will get the most out of this formula, by doing it FIRST THING in the morning.  Take the time (yes, you do have the time, it will come back to you in SPADES (side note: what does that even mean!!) )  and set yourself up to be able to see the day clearly, with clarity AND to finish the day feeling successful and accomplished – BOOM-SHAK-A-LA!!

You will go from feeling like a Hazy-Daisy (with everything flying around your head and in fog) to a Laser-Focused-Daisy with motivation and enthusiasm for everything that you are moving towards!

Want to learn more and get live access to me and ask me all your burning questions ? I am running a webinar tomorrow on how to know EXACTLY what to do next, if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Register for the webinar right here. See you there!

The missing element to gaining clarity

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untitled-design-8The missing element to gaining clarity - that keeps you stuck.

One of the biggest benefits my clients tell me they gain from working with me is clarity.

They come to me overwhelmed and feeling stuck like they can't move forward but very quickly, a transformation happens - the haze clears, and they gain laser focus.

When you have clarity - you can make good decisions, feel confident that your actions have the right impact and everything just flows. Who wouldn’t want that?

There are a few steps to moving to this place of clarity, and you'll see them in the resource I created for you 'The 20 Minute Clarity Formula' ...

but there is something that you'll also need...


QUESTION – does this make you cross?  Push your buttons? Make you want to scream at me “NO, that is NOT what I need!”.

I totally get it and I am screaming the same thing.  My clients all scream – well…. Hopefully not scream, but there is resistance !! – that they don’t need permission. But guess what, we are freakin’ HUMAN, and we – the women that have taken on the task of working for ourselves – need, want, crave and look for permission to live our lives to the fullest!

In theory gaining clarity is a simple 2 step process.

1. Decide what you want

2. Do the work to get there.

But the reality is always a little different. It goes more like this.

1. Decide what you want to do.

2. But worry about what you 'should be doing' instead.

3. Spend lot's of time thinking about what other people expect from you.

4. Consider all the angles and ways you'll be letting people down

5. Get anxious about doing something that you don't think is 'right'

6. Next few days think about whether you're really 'ready' ... or you're 'qualified'

7. Stay up late wondering ... if people will think you're too big for your boots

8. Time to stress about 'what if it doesn't work?'

9. Wait patiently for someone to tap you on the shoulder and say 'Go get it' - 'Go get what you want'

And somewhere along these steps my clients engage me - and I short circuit the whole process by getting you to give yourself PERMISSION to 'Go do what you want'.

Why the bloody hell am I telling you all this?  This doesn’t feel positive and upbeat.  This doesn’t read like you are walking into Disneyland and twirling around in your 1000 petticoats while the band plays – (ah um…. I digress!!) – I am telling you this because I don’t believe that it is a bad thing.

When a new client starts with me, we work out in the first session what they REALLY WANT to do, not what they think they have to do, or should do. This is a really hard thing to nail down.  It takes trust, time and patience, and my well-honed-voodoo (I have been called worse!!)  intuition, to HEAR what you really want below the layers of what you should do, have been told to do, think you have to do….

And in that session, when that light bulb switches on in your mind and the fog clears from your eyes and the smile radiates across your face, that is the moment that you have given yourself permission to do what you WANT to do – do you hear me??  What YOU WANT to do.

This is all that I wish for you.

To have the ability, the knowledge, the clarity and the direction to give YOURSELF permission to be the WHOLE of you, and do whatever it is that floats-ya-boat, tickles-ya-fancy and scratches-ya-itch.  Go be all the things that you want to be and then come and tell us (in your community) with certainty, passion and motivation, what you are doing.

We want to hear from you.

You have the permission to be

whatever you want to be!

Now that you have permission - Download the 20 Minute Clarity Formula - And move forward to your potential.


Doubt, Lightening Bolt Moments & Crazy Ideas

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img_0448 Last time we caught up, I was telling you a story about how I moved past, through and OVER doubt, fear and negative self-talk. I was just about to embark on a huge walk. One small step for mankind but ONE HUGE LEAP for lil' ol me! We pick up where we left off (OMG, this is so much fun, I am TOTALLY writing a script!! ;) ) So, I walked and walked and walked…. Yep! I completed 252 km in 15 days. I woke every morning ready to GO. On 5 different days we walked over half a marathon PER DAY. Thats right, 23 km's in ONE DAY x 5! 18 blisters on 1 foot, enough tape, band aids and tea tree oil to start my own pharmacy! But on we went…. And as I walked…. I waited…. I waited patiently (NOT) I walked with intent… waiting for that light-bulb-moment, that crash-of-drums, that flash-of-light, that EUREKA moment that would change everything for me and set me on a path for the next chapter. I mean, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer, I read a life changing book – COME ON! I am putting-in here!! And I knew that there was a next chapter, I KNEW (call it intuition, gut-feeling) that this was the start of something… a change, it- was - a- comin’. But where the bloody hell was it!!! So, after 15 days, 252 km's, pain, mental determination, physical strength (we were still carrying 9 kg's each on our backs!!), a little bit of grace and a whole - lotta - love, we arrived at Santiago Cathedral, the end of the El Camino. On that day we walked 23 km's – and it was the LONGEST walk (mentally) of the entire trip. The last 3 km's felt like they would never end. We arrived in Santiago and thought that we had made it, those pesky signs didn’t say 3 km's to the mo - fo - Cathedral !!(sorry, but that is how it felt at that point!). We arrived, we sat down, we had a celebration beer, we talked and I sat looking at the sky… now thinking that a lightning bolt would LITERALLY be a lightening bolt. SURELY (don’t call me Shirley!). We went and spent a few days in a lovely little quiet house with a pool to rest our legs and celebrate our massive achievement (and BTW…. We celebrated – tee hee!). And I was still waiting ...  Waiting for the heavens to part and for the answer to be made clear. But it wasn't. I didn't wake up feeling like I knew exactly what to do.  And I was feeling a little deflated. All that 'work' and nothing. Then on the 3rd day (wait… did this just get religious??), my lovely friend that I was travelling with said something and it was like that Daisy Chain Wheel in a machine, clicked into place and the cogs started turning! She said, “You are a Crazy Daisy, I bet you have clients that are Lazy Daisies, or Hazy Daisies and I bet that you have a lot of people around you that LIKE to be Crazy Daisies and have fun whilst achieving their dreams and getting their shizzle done!” BOOM-SHAK-A-LA. The fun came back into my business, the silly-cray-cray of my personality was given that little window to shine, and the seed of a new idea was born. Next time…. On the Crazy - Daisy - Life - Altering - Walk - 252 km's - in - my - shoes newsletter..  

Emerging From The Darkness Of Doubt

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14232528_10153929571620678_914432425178048849_n All fear is borne from the stories that we play in our heads, but with desire, support, determination and the strategies in place – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me? I want to share a story with you that explains where I’ve been for the last few months… A story of feeling stuck, full of doubt, fear and negative - self talk and then taking action on what might feel like a massive LEAP !!  Feeling stuck? Let me know what your biggest challenge is (plus download a free gift for your feedback) So let me share with you the story shall I In March 2016, I made the decision to go to the top of Spain in September and walk part of the El Camino (The Way), all 150Kms of it! When I heard my friend going, I was like OK I’M IN, THIS IS HAPPENING. In May 2016, I travelled to Europe and worked in Italy having a blast, so I didn’t really think too much about the BIG WALK happening in September. In June 2016, I arrived in the UK and my mind went straight to THINKING, thinking about what I needed, what could go wrong, and so I started writing lists for everything, what I needed to buy, medications and a lists about what could go WRONG! There was still MASSIVE EXCITEMENT but negative self talk about what could go wrong kept getting in the way, but still I MARCHED ON, literally. I started to arrange walks, long walks, walks up mountains, walks with friends and walks on my own. And then I realised something I realised that I needed to do part of the El Camino by myself because I was aware of the self doubt and sabotaging negative self talk that kept on creeping up! And I wanted to confront those fears head on so I knew I had to do it, and it FELT RIGHT. So I began to talk about it with others and of course those fears I had, were reflected right back to me. Yeah, I know you know what I mean. It happens. But I didn’t let it STOP ME. Feeling stuck too? Share your biggest challenge with me here (bonus: download free gift for your feedback) You can’t do that! What if something happens? What if you don’t meet other people? What if you get lost (this is a BIG ONE, I have ABSOLUTELY no sense of direction!!)? You can’t speak to language! What if you can’t communicate with people? You’ll be lonely! Rather than listen to what was being said to me, I took it one step at a time, I committed to the ACTION, knew the ones who supported me and just did it, booked the flights, HERE I GO! [ ENTER REALLY ANNOYING HORN SOUND, WAHHHHH] The day came when I arrived in Spain It sounds crazy writing this but I remember sitting there in utter and complete FEAR. I packed and repacked my bags and checked and rechecked my travel arrangements and then booked the coach ticket from Santiago for a 5 hour long journey to start my walk! Once in the hotel room, again I wallowed. All that negative self talk I had just spent all that energy to conquer it, came back. Note to self: ONE STEP, IN FRONT OF THE OTHER.. I had everything in place, I had everything that I needed, I was prepared, I knew what to do and how to do it. And then I remembered how to walk again, bahaha!! The morning soon arrived, and it was PITCH BLACK, literally. I could have let the fear creep in that one last time but nope, I didn’t. And just as I figured out how to do it before. I did it again, one foot in front of the other. I took ACTION. So I opened the front door with my backpack (11.5kgs!!) on my back! And after all the PROCRASTINATION, FEAR, DOUBT, AND NEGATIVE SELF TALK, I kept on going. One foot in front of the other. It may have been 1 small step for mankind, but it sure did feel like 1 GIANT LEAP for lil’ ol’ me! It felt like I had just closed one chapter and started a new one Wait for it … SPOILER ALERT!! I made it. And I am here to tell you, whatever might feel like a giant leap for you, you can DO IT TOO! And I am here to show you how. You’ve got this! If you’re feeling stuck today, I would love to know what your unique flavour of stuck is? Tell me what keeps you stuck and grab your little bonus gift as a thank you from me Trudy

The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series – Caroline White

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The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series -

Caroline White

caroline and me

Caroline White (from Caroline White Photography) and I are so lucky (full stop).  I wanted to share with you the different ways to stay on purpose and productive whilst you are "doing/trying something different" - for me (and for Caroline), that is travelling and working.

We sat in front of the 16th century walls of Lucca (a beautiful walled city in Italy) and talked all things productivity and living on purpose.  Caroline has a very success-full photography business.  She has photographed Marie Forleo and Michael Beckworth but is also a wealth of information and has huge business ideas for her future.  It was so interesting to spend time with someone that is not limited by what she is doing right now.  We ALL have potential and the possibility to live how we want.  We just need to be clear and have clarity around what that looks like.

You will hear how:

  1. The way that we stay productive is different for each individual person - and why this is important for you.
  2. Living on and with purpose changes - and that that is A GOOD THING!
  3. Being a creative person has HUGE benefits when you find the right team, OR have the clarity to move forward in your genius zone!






And.... just in case you like to read, rather than watch, click here to download the transcribed chat.

I really hope that you enjoy this interview and feel inspired and motivated to be the WHOLE of you in your life and business.

Do you need help staying productive and on purpose in your business? Would you like more information on the Clarity+Strategy=Success Program that Caroline and I talk about? Brilliant! Click here to read all the information and you can sign up today.

And before you go, let me know in the comments below 1 thing that you have learned from this quick video and how you are going to TAKE ACTION for yourself?

Until next time, where-ever you are..... keep dreaming and taking the action steps towards those dreams!

Trudy x

Do you feel like a rabbit stuck in the headlights?! Get ready to MOVE!

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increase productivity

Wouldn’t it be great to find clarity in your business, develop a workable strategy and increase productivity levels?

Statistics aren’t my bag-baby, but I’d say (with a level of confidence!) that more than half of the female entrepreneurs out there are juggling too much at once and finding it hard to keep on top of everything. We’re told we can have it all and do it all if we want to, we just need passion and enthusiasm (…blah blah blah!). Well sorry ladies, I don’t think we can have it all (not without going crazy anyway). Something’s got to give, and it’s usually your health, wellbeing or sanity! If you see a woman working full time in her own business, and she has a family to look after, and she has a spotless house and cooks a proper dinner every night and exercises every day and takes regular “me” time and has clean clothes on and no grey hair – she’s a robot. Most women running their own business, who also have a family and other commitments, are struggling. And that’s perfectly ok, because we’re not robots.
  • I see women spending every day working flat out and being busy all the time, but they’re not making much money.
  • I see women faffing around procrastinating because they’re not focused (how can they be when they have so much on their plate?).
  • I see women becoming overwhelmed, and like a rabbit in the headlights, they freeze and don’t know where to go or what to do next.
  • I see women doing the same thing over and over again, thinking if they persist long enough they’ll eventually get the result they want.
I see this cycle all the time (for me and others) of that “rabbit in headlights” and they always feeling there is “too much to do, not enough time, so I’ll do nothing” – tee hee! We all have those days! So how can you move forward? How can you feel better and HAVE IT ALL without burning your-lovely-self OUT?   Start with the little things:
  1. Schedule in the “me” time and make it a commitment to yourself.
  2. Leave social media and emails until the END of the day, then the beginning of your day is WAY more productive!
  3. Be prepared to ASK and to GET HELP! (see below :) )
If you’re reading this thinking “Yes, that sounds like me!” then I can help. I work with women who run their own business and help them get unstuck, move forward and achieve their goals. I’ll give you clarity around where your business is headed, an action plan to follow, and I’ll check up on you to make sure you’re on track! Where can you get this help? Through the “Clarity + Strategy = Success” Program. Find out how to get on top of your business, have clients rolling in effortlessly and get more done in less time. This is YOUR chance to make a commitment to yourself, connect with others and be consistent in your business. Then you CAN have it all, or at least be able to afford a cleaner and a massage once a week ;)

How this business owner faced her fears and made a commitment to herself

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What could you achieve in your business if you simply increased your productivity?

Once upon a time there was a small business owner called Melissa (not a fake name ;) ). She was a copywriter and loved her job, but her business wasn’t thriving as much as she wanted it to. She felt like she was busy all the time but wasn’t making much money or progress with her business.

A typical day in the life of Melissa looked something like this (I think you’re going to relate to this!!):

6am: Kids wake her up, she rolls over and tries to go back to sleep 7am: Hears kids attempting to make their own breakfast, so has to get up to avoid someone being electrocuted or burning the kitchen down. 8.30am: After an hour of yelling at kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, brush their hair, find shoes, pack homework, make sure they actually have undies on today, it’s time for the school run. 9am: She’s home and it’s time for COFFEE!! 9.15am: She checks her emails, responds to a few enquiries about work, replies to some client questions, reads an article that had a great headline but turned out to be crap (how unusual), gets sucked into the article reading time vortex and vows to stop signing up for every bloody opt-in offer that looks even remotely good. 9.50am: She thinks it’s time to do some actual paid work. She checks her calendar and to-do list and wonders what to start on first. The first draft for that beachside resort brochure is due tomorrow, better make a start on that. 10am: She Googles “beachside resorts” for research purposes. She reads a blog about the 10 best beachside resorts in Australia. One has 2 free nights when you book 5, valid for a short time only. She thinks she better take a quick look at the deal. It’s only valid for a short time, after all. 11.15am: Her “research” has just wasted over an hour. She needs to refocus and get back to work. Time for a cup of tea before she gets stuck in. 11.30am: She starts writing the first draft of the brochure. Things are looking good. 12.30pm: She’s hungry! Time for some lunch. She watches Ellen while she shovels in a tuna sandwich. 12.50pm: She does a quick email check in case anything urgent has come in. She wonders if she’s received any social media messages or comments. Better have a quick check. Oh look, a funny video of cats on Facebook. 1.30pm: Bollocks! She gets back to the brochure writing. The phone rings. It’s a potential client wanting to know all about her SEO website copywriting. How much is it? Can she have a quick look at his website (right now while on the phone) and tell him which pages are ok and which ones need re-writing. Explains she’ll need some time to do this. He would like a quote this afternoon if possible please. 1.45pm: She reads though the potential client’s website and writes up a proposal. All the pages need re-writing. She sends the proposal to the client. 2.20pm: Right, back to the brochure. Oh no! She has to pick up the kids from school in 10 minutes! 2.30pm: She does the school run. And no, they can’t get the bus – one is at preschool. 3.15pm: She’s back home, sets the kids up with food and entertainment. Makes another coffee. 3.25pm: Right, back to the brochure. She writes some more. 4.30pm: She can’t believe the kids haven’t interrupted her yet. They are so quiet. Oh no…. 4.31pm: She won’t be getting any more work done today! Total billable working hours for the day – 2. Does this sound like you?? Can you relate to Melissa’s day!!?? Melissa wasn’t sure about whether to get help from me, because one of the things holding her back was a fear of commitment!! Even a commitment to improving herself! Eventually she realised she needed to take a leap of faith and step outside her comfort zone, because amazing things happen when you take that first step :) Melissa booked in for a session with me and I heard lots of things she was saying, but she wasn’t aware of how she was saying them and what she ACTUALLY WANTED! We talked about what she wanted out of her business, cleared some negative beliefs that were holding her back and worked out a plan of attack for the next three months for her. She made some goals and stuck to them, and within just a week her working day looked very different!

A typical day in the life of Melissa now looks like this:

6am: She exercises! Yep! WTF! (Her decision!) 7am: She gets the kids ready for school with much less stress and yelling 9am: She makes a coffee and does not check emails. She starts with whatever is planned for that day, which is going to be billable client work. 12pm: She stops for a break and lunch. 12.30pm: She spends some more, productive time doing billable client work. 2.30pm: She picks up the kids 3.15pm: Now she checks emails from the day, responds to enquiries, returns any phone calls (after having her phone on silent all day). She even has time to network online without any guilt. 4.30pm: She’s done all she needed to do that day and can spend quality time with her kids. Total billable working hours for the day – 5. From 10 billable hours a week to 25, suddenly she is able to more than double her income in the same amount of time!! WOOP WOOP! I’m not fibbing….this is not a made up “case study” – this happened! And it happened because she COMMITTED to change and she COMMITTED to being consistent in moving towards a business that worked for her!     So, my questions to you are:
  1. Where do you need to commit?
  2. Where do you need to be consistent?
  3. What can you do to be a part of a community of women that support your growth and encourage you to THINK BIGGER?!
Melissa is a part of “Clarity + Strategy = Success” Program and has already found the success that comes with being more productive! Do you want the same kind of success in your business? Join me in the “Clarity + Strategy = Success” Program where we’ll work together to find out what’s holding you back and how you can overcome this. This is your chance to invest in yourself and your business and make some significant progress. Begin to be consistent and gain the support from a wonderful group of like-minded women to REALLY gain momentum in your business! The Clarity + Strategy = Success Program is open for enrolments now!

Let’s Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day together!

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Call me!

As women entrepreneurs, we (such a generalisation!!) find it so hard to celebrate our wins and so very (very!!) easy to remember our failures!

Each year it gets to this time (November-ish) and there is an audible “EEEEEKKKKK, where did the year go?” – and a passing “ARRRRGGGHHHH, why didn’t I get `this’ done?”

Are you nodding your head and snapping your fingers in agreement?

Being a female entrepreneur in 2015 is SO different to what it might have been a few years ago.

For a start, there are so many options open to us for having and running a business –

  • What kind of business?
  • Where do we run it from?
  • Where do we find clients?
  • How do we keep our audience engaged?
  • WAIT… do we have an audience?

The list goes on…. and on!

One of the reasons I do what I do (and LOVE what I do) is because I get to speak to female entrepreneurs for most of the day! Either because I am using their services, or they are clients.

There are over-arching issues we all deal with in our businesses.

  • There are undervalued problems that hold us back.
  • There are over-used words and jargon that overwhelm us.
  • And then there is the “competition” we feel – “they are better than me / more successful than me” etc etc…. we all know these feelings!

I’m hosting a BLAB (have you heard of Blab?) on the 19th November at 10am (Sydney time) for each of us to come together LIVE and have a conversation about what it is like to be a woman entrepreneur in 2015.

You can either come in and take up one of four BLAB seats, which will show your pretty face and project your insightful opinions out to the Blabosphere. OR, if you’re the shy type, you can watch the four speakers and hang out in the chat area, where you can ask questions, share your own opinion and contribute to this important conversation.

Join the conversation!

Female entrepreneurs are moving to BLAB because it’s fun and interactive, which is exactly why I’ve chosen this platform. I’d love for you to come join me and the growing bunch of beautiful women already registered. It’s FREE!

Join HERE and come along to be a part of the conversation, share your celebrations and struggles, and share what it is like for YOU to be an entrepreneur in 2015!

AND, we can celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day together!

Them birds can BLAB!!

Them birds can BLAB!!

How do you know when you are successful?

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you are successful

How do you know when you are successful?

OK… now this question gets bandied around A LOT… and I find it hard to answer and I also want to answer it definitively for myself… but it changes all the time – ARRGGGHH!

Can you relate to that?

My BRAIN says “are you successful yet?” “Have you made it?” “What is the next goal?” “Forget that thing you just achieved – move on!”

My HEART says, you are already successful…. Every time you move through fear to put yourself out there, that's another success. Each task/goal/win/client can be celebrated and gratitude given.

My woo woo says – stay on track… it is all coming…. Don’t push, just be – (again) AAAARRRGGGHH!

Honestly, I probably fluctuate between all of these in a week! The hard-arse corporate WIN WIN WIN, the heart-centred intuitive business coach helping others to see their wins and the woo-woo going within and listening with empathy.

What does success look like to you?

And I am genuinely asking so you give yourself an answer. If we don’t visualize and vocalize what success looks like, then we can’t know when we have reached it.

Is success:

  • a 3-day weekend?
  • getting your hair done once a month?
  • mani-pedi on a Thursday morning?
  • covering your child’s childcare costs?
  • or a Ferrari/Lamborghini/Beetle??

I also think that some of my “successes” have come out of admitting where I may have “failed” or how I have handled situations that used to send me into the fetal position!

Having a BIG HAIRY ARSED (there is a visual for you ;) ) GOAL is good, and even making that goal seem/feel “unrealistic” is fantastic (I think). It gives you something to aim for and something to be honest with yourself about what you want your future to look like. We just have to remember to celebrate EVERY success/step along the path to get to that BHAG.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation"

Zig Ziglar

Try these 3 steps to be more aware of where you are HEADING:

  1. If you felt SUCCESSFUL today…. What would that look like to you?
  2. What is the BHAG that you are aiming for?
  3. Now look at both of those answers and see where you need to align them so the outcome for you is a GIVEN!

If you would like to hear from 10 women entrepreneurs about how they have successful days, CLICK HERE.

Don’t always look to the future for your successes… “if I just get/do this, then I will be successful”. Celebrate the successes you have already achieved!

I just realized I have written this blog with lots of “we’s” – which must mean I need to hear this as much as I need to write about it! I am off to determine what success means to me! Let me know what it looks like to you too!

opt in rezise

I just realized that I have written this blog with lots of “we’s” – which must mean that I need to hear this as much as write about it! I am off to determine what success means to me!

Let me know what it looks like to you too!


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P.P.S. So, I am asking…. when have you felt successful?