• The 10 Pieces of Software that I use to run to small businesses PRODUCTIVELY!

    Plus a few others….. I love helping people to be productive, organised, declutter their minds and find a clear and conscious path to follow to the bigger picture of what they want to build in their businesses.  In this endeavour, I am often asked to recommend software, so I thought that I would provide a […]
  • What to do before you start your day

    Each day we get up, and we sit in front of our computer ready to start the day! There is a waver… as our fingers hover over the keyboard – “hhhhmmmmm what shall I get done today” – then there is the obligatory “wait I’ll just check Facebook”, then (usually an hour later!! 😉 ) […]
  • The missing element to gaining clarity

    The missing element to gaining clarity – that keeps you stuck. One of the biggest benefits my clients tell me they gain from working with me is clarity. They come to me overwhelmed and feeling stuck like they can’t move forward but very quickly, a transformation happens – the haze clears, and they gain laser […]
  • Doubt, Lightening Bolt Moments & Crazy Ideas

    Last time we caught up, I was telling you a story about how I moved past, through and OVER doubt, fear and negative self-talk. I was just about to embark on a huge walk. One small step for mankind but ONE HUGE LEAP for lil’ ol me! We pick up where we left off (OMG, […]
  • Emerging From The Darkness Of Doubt

    All fear is borne from the stories that we play in our heads, but with desire, support, determination and the strategies in place – ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Hi! I’m back! Did you miss me? I want to share a story with you that explains where I’ve been for the last few months… A story of […]
  • The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series – Caroline White

    Caroline and me
    The Travellers Purpose and Productivity Series – Caroline White Caroline White (from Caroline White Photography) and I are so lucky (full stop).  I wanted to share with you the different ways to stay on purpose and productive whilst you are “doing/trying something different” – for me (and for Caroline), that is travelling and working. We […]
  • Do you feel like a rabbit stuck in the headlights?! Get ready to MOVE!

    increase productivity
    Wouldn’t it be great to find clarity in your business, develop a workable strategy and increase productivity levels? Statistics aren’t my bag-baby, but I’d say (with a level of confidence!) that more than half of the female entrepreneurs out there are juggling too much at once and finding it hard to keep on top of everything. We’re […]
  • How this business owner faced her fears and made a commitment to herself

    What could you achieve in your business if you simply increased your productivity? Once upon a time there was a small business owner called Melissa (not a fake name 😉 ). She was a copywriter and loved her job, but her business wasn’t thriving as much as she wanted it to. She felt like she was busy all […]
  • Let’s Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day together!

    Call me!
    As women entrepreneurs, we (such a generalisation!!) find it so hard to celebrate our wins and so very (very!!) easy to remember our failures! Each year it gets to this time (November-ish) and there is an audible “EEEEEKKKKK, where did the year go?” – and a passing “ARRRRGGGHHHH, why didn’t I get `this’ done?” Are […]
  • How do you know when you are successful?

    you are successful
    How do you know when you are successful? OK… now this question gets bandied around A LOT… and I find it hard to answer and I also want to answer it definitively for myself… but it changes all the time – ARRGGGHH! Can you relate to that? My BRAIN says “are you successful yet?” “Have […]
  • This is a SIGN…. look after YOU first!!

    Do you know the premise of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on others? I remember when I first heard this, I was on a plane with a child and my first thought was – NO WAY…. I will put it on them first and then I will put it on […]
  • I am freakin’ Jerry Maguire and you complete me!

    You…complete me
    I am freakin’ Jerry Maguire and here is my manifesto! NO… not because I am shouting SHOW ME THE MONEY…. But because I have a manifesto and I believe in it and I believe that what I am doing is for GOOD! Disclaimer – please don’t let me know if this manifesto isn’t an ACTUAL […]
  • 3 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Networking at Events like a PRO…… even when you are shy!

    happy little networkers
    Do you feel as though your business is YOUR business and “therefore, you are all alone in this”? Are you an introvert and think that makes networking at events difficult? Do you think about up-levelling your business and then poop-yo-pants? (Note: I hope you don’t do the last one!!). There are times in our businesses […]
  • My biggest business failure and what I have learned from it

    Well, what a few weeks it has been! I feel like I have been inside a front-loader washing machine and every now and again I could wave to the outside, but other than that, I was in darkness, treading water and going around… and around… and around…..!! At the beginning of June, I made the […]
  • One small thing you can do right now…..

    Tell me you’ve never had one of those days that you’ve thought about throwing in the towel. That you’ve never thought ‘I’m just not cut out for this entrepreneurship business’ It’s tough out there on your own. And no one tells you that before you make your leap. They all talk about the freedom, ‘be […]
  • Are you part of the REAL movement?

    Are you part of the REAL movement? Or just a bystander looking in. There’s a revolution rumbling away that we are so very lucky to be riding the wave of. By we, I mean you and I. The lucky ones who have escaped the corporate cubicle, dodged the timesheets, exchanged paid leave for ‘paid to […]
  • CREATE it… and they will come!

    Do you remember the days of going to conferences and seminars when you were in your “corporate career”…. AARRRGGGHHH! I would usually go so that I could nick-out early and have an early day out from work (just being honest!). You would arrive; feel awkward; hear white noise for a few hours; look forward to […]
  • If your biz is meant to fuel your life then …

    Ever stopped to think about what is fuelling your business? And I’m not talking green smoothies and wine... I mean you are outputting so much as an Entrepreneur… perhaps more than you ever have in your life - especially in the early days. Sure you’re adding in some money, maybe some expert guidance… .. but [...]
  • The Truth about Accountability

    When you were at school did you do that little phrase of “I must, I must… I must increase my bust”??   Well accountability is a lot like that for some people! You say it out loud… and then nothing happens! Ha ha!   So many entrepreneurs say “I am going to keep myself accountable”, […]
  • I would really love to…. But its not possible for me…..

    comes after
    I would really love to…….: Head up a million dollar business… but its not possible for me Run a workshop …. Change my title Grow my business bigger… Create boundaries … Be a leader… Gain confidence … Speak on stage….. Start again….. We’ve all done it…. Had dreams for ourselves, our businesses, our lives…. But […]
  • Life should be a musical!!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful…. If our lives were like an episode of Glee or a full on musical!!  As we are all sat in our homes offices (dining room tables!!), breaking into song and making the soundtrack of our lives? If this was the case, what songs would be on your daily soundtrack?  Truly Scrumptious [...]
  • My life just changed……..

    My life just changed….. I have opened up I have become available My heart has opened and I can really see and understand who I am to my audience and who I am to me. All sound a bit woo-woo and way-out-there-where-you-don’t-belong? Let me tell you – I thought the same.  This has been a [...]
  • I have had an EPIPHANY…..and it involves YOU!

    Get your Business GAME On Symposium
    I have had an EPIPHANY…..and it involves YOU! You know when you have an idea and it BURNS in you and it is all that you can think about and it CONSUMES your waking breath…. Ok – maybe that is a bit dramatic – but those that know me, know that I am actually containing myself here (tee hee!). Well…. I have had an idea and it has grown, changed, morphed and the angles have softened – and that process has taken 2 years. 2 FREAKIN’ YEARS…. But now… I am ready to talk to you about it….
  • Giving yourself permission

    Sekretärin mach Pause
    “Please please…. Give me Permission to……. Be me Move Forward Know the right thing Take the next step Feel better Feel worse FEEL something!!! We are such special entrepreneurs and it seems that we sometimes seek the PERMISSION to do whatever we want to do. Sometimes, it feels so lonely to be who we are […]
  • How do you go about conquering your fears?

    Woman in summer dress standing on a sea
    Picture the typical Australian scene….. you get up in the morning and you head to your local beach for a walk/run/surf/swim….. you look out at the expansive beautiful, clean, clear Ocean and it beckons you to GET IN IT! To me, one of my greatest fears is the Ocean……. And believe me, so many people […]
  • Your Vision… What’s the BIG BIG Plan?

    Searching for your visioin
    Can you answer that question?   I really really struggle with the BIG BIG plan… …. I can have the vision …. but the plan makes it so….. REAL! I look at the vision as the DREAM – what do you WANT to happen?   What if money was no object and time was not […]
  • Are YOU your Own Worst Enemy?

    Isn’t it awful to think that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is?   Doesn’t it bug you that we are unkinder to ourselves than we would allow anyone else to be to us?  How hard would you fight for your best friend if they were saying mean things to themselves all the […]
  • Are you still letting procrastination rule your business?

    procrastination cure
    I see it so often. A new client starts working with me and they tell me how busy they are. They’re running around like a blue-arsed fly helping other people, staying on top of what’s going on on Facebook, checking email 20 times a day and trying to get to laundry basket-zero status. I’ll let […]
  • Scared of actually being seen out there?

    Are you Hiding??  Can we see you?  Can we hear you? Oh Gawd…. This is one of my “specials”!!   I have had my own business for over 4 years, and I only got a website in June of 2014 – WHY?  Because I was quite happy hiding and playing small.  I was quite happy […]
  • From Woe to Go

    Can you believe that another year is nearly over? Can you believe that THIS YEAR was going to be THE YEAR and now it is coming to a close and there is still a list of things that you wanted to achieve….? Well…. 2015 is around the corner, so how are you going to create […]
  • You Got Potential …….

    Do you remember in “Pretty Woman” when Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) turns to her friend Kit De Luca and says “We think you got a lot of potential Kit De Luca”. I love that phrase and the look on Kit’s face – FINALLY someone believed in her; finally someone could see that she had potential to do what she wanted to do…
  • I’m an Entrepreneur GET ME OUT OF HERE

    Amazon Rainforest
    I “fell” into having my own business. I offered to help people who needed help to get all the ideas out of their heads and then make them a reality….. it turns out, there are a LOT of ideas that are “floating around” for years, mostly because the ideas don’t have the space to get any direction, or structure on what they are.
  • What does GRIEF have to do with Accountability Coaching?

    Trudy and her sister
    I know that when you are knocked-off-kilter, it feels overwhelming and head-spinney. When something extra-ordinary happens, it can give your life meaning, and it can take part of your life’s meaning, away. That is what happened to me.