What to do before you start your day

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Each day we get up, and we sit in front of our computer ready to start the day!

There is a waver… as our fingers hover over the keyboard – “hhhhmmmmm what shall I get done today” – then there is the obligatory “wait I’ll just check Facebook”, then (usually an hour later!! 😉 ) we grab a coffee to REALLY start the day and think “hmmmmm I have 2 hours, what needs to get done today”, then we make a list, or let it swim around our minds and try to remember everything that needs to be done.

THEN (doesn’t this feel like a drag!!), THEN…. We start “something”…. Then we remember that you have to take the washing out of the machine, or call someone that you meant to call back 2 days ago, or you receive a call from someone that just wants you to listen/help with something…. We have all been there.

I have been there!  

So, I started to think, wonder and ponder about what I needed to do BEFORE I start my day, so that I DON’T get derailed within the first 5 mins (procrastinating much!!).

And as I sat pondering, I realised that there was a “formula” (I am so mathematical!!) to the success of the day, and that when I ACTUALLY do these things, then the day is so much more productive, successful and purposeful!  What more could you ask for from any given day!!

So, I wrote it down FOR ME and then realised that what I had done, was written down FOR YOU too!  You need this so that you know you are setting yourself up for a successful day, you need this so that you can pin-point and see where you are stopping yourself from planning for what you WANT to get done for you and for your business.

The benefits that I have found for myself and for my clients are MAGIC.  They literally feel like magical days (too much?? 😉 ).  Where before you may feel like you are fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, NOW you are organised, structured, accomplishing all that you need to and finishing the day feeling like you can say “that was a bloody good day!”.

I am not saying that this is the routine that you can follow every day (I am not a priest!!), but if you can, and if you do, see the difference that it makes to your business – it is easily trackable!

You will get the most out of this formula, by doing it FIRST THING in the morning.  Take the time (yes, you do have the time, it will come back to you in SPADES (side note: what does that even mean!!) )  and set yourself up to be able to see the day clearly, with clarity AND to finish the day feeling successful and accomplished – BOOM-SHAK-A-LA!!

You will go from feeling like a Hazy-Daisy (with everything flying around your head and in fog) to a Laser-Focused-Daisy with motivation and enthusiasm for everything that you are moving towards!

Want to learn more and get live access to me and ask me all your burning questions ? I am running a webinar tomorrow on how to know EXACTLY what to do next, if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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See you there!

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