How this business owner faced her fears and made a commitment to herself

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What could you achieve in your business if you simply increased your productivity?

Once upon a time there was a small business owner called Melissa (not a fake name 😉 ). She was a copywriter and loved her job, but her business wasn’t thriving as much as she wanted it to. She felt like she was busy all the time but wasn’t making much money or progress with her business.

A typical day in the life of Melissa looked something like this (I think you’re going to relate to this!!):

6am: Kids wake her up, she rolls over and tries to go back to sleep

7am: Hears kids attempting to make their own breakfast, so has to get up to avoid someone being electrocuted or burning the kitchen down.

8.30am: After an hour of yelling at kids to get dressed, brush their teeth, brush their hair, find shoes, pack homework, make sure they actually have undies on today, it’s time for the school run.

9am: She’s home and it’s time for COFFEE!!

9.15am: She checks her emails, responds to a few enquiries about work, replies to some client questions, reads an article that had a great headline but turned out to be crap (how unusual), gets sucked into the article reading time vortex and vows to stop signing up for every bloody opt-in offer that looks even remotely good.

9.50am: She thinks it’s time to do some actual paid work. She checks her calendar and to-do list and wonders what to start on first. The first draft for that beachside resort brochure is due tomorrow, better make a start on that.

10am: She Googles “beachside resorts” for research purposes. She reads a blog about the 10 best beachside resorts in Australia. One has 2 free nights when you book 5, valid for a short time only. She thinks she better take a quick look at the deal. It’s only valid for a short time, after all.

11.15am: Her “research” has just wasted over an hour. She needs to refocus and get back to work. Time for a cup of tea before she gets stuck in.

11.30am: She starts writing the first draft of the brochure. Things are looking good.

12.30pm: She’s hungry! Time for some lunch. She watches Ellen while she shovels in a tuna sandwich.

12.50pm: She does a quick email check in case anything urgent has come in. She wonders if she’s received any social media messages or comments. Better have a quick check. Oh look, a funny video of cats on Facebook.

1.30pm: Bollocks! She gets back to the brochure writing. The phone rings. It’s a potential client wanting to know all about her SEO website copywriting. How much is it? Can she have a quick look at his website (right now while on the phone) and tell him which pages are ok and which ones need re-writing. Explains she’ll need some time to do this. He would like a quote this afternoon if possible please.

1.45pm: She reads though the potential client’s website and writes up a proposal. All the pages need re-writing. She sends the proposal to the client.

2.20pm: Right, back to the brochure. Oh no! She has to pick up the kids from school in 10 minutes!

2.30pm: She does the school run. And no, they can’t get the bus – one is at preschool.

3.15pm: She’s back home, sets the kids up with food and entertainment. Makes another coffee.

3.25pm: Right, back to the brochure. She writes some more.

4.30pm: She can’t believe the kids haven’t interrupted her yet. They are so quiet. Oh no….

4.31pm: She won’t be getting any more work done today!

Total billable working hours for the day – 2.

Does this sound like you?? Can you relate to Melissa’s day!!??

Melissa wasn’t sure about whether to get help from me, because one of the things holding her back was a fear of commitment!! Even a commitment to improving herself! Eventually she realised she needed to take a leap of faith and step outside her comfort zone, because amazing things happen when you take that first step 🙂

Melissa booked in for a session with me and I heard lots of things she was saying, but she wasn’t aware of how she was saying them and what she ACTUALLY WANTED! We talked about what she wanted out of her business, cleared some negative beliefs that were holding her back and worked out a plan of attack for the next three months for her.

She made some goals and stuck to them, and within just a week her working day looked very different!

A typical day in the life of Melissa now looks like this:

6am: She exercises! Yep! WTF! (Her decision!)

7am: She gets the kids ready for school with much less stress and yelling

9am: She makes a coffee and does not check emails. She starts with whatever is planned for that day, which is going to be billable client work.

12pm: She stops for a break and lunch.

12.30pm: She spends some more, productive time doing billable client work.

2.30pm: She picks up the kids

3.15pm: Now she checks emails from the day, responds to enquiries, returns any phone calls (after having her phone on silent all day). She even has time to network online without any guilt.

4.30pm: She’s done all she needed to do that day and can spend quality time with her kids.

Total billable working hours for the day – 5.

From 10 billable hours a week to 25, suddenly she is able to more than double her income in the same amount of time!! WOOP WOOP!

I’m not fibbing….this is not a made up “case study” – this happened! And it happened because she COMMITTED to change and she COMMITTED to being consistent in moving towards a business that worked for her!



So, my questions to you are:

  1. Where do you need to commit?
  2. Where do you need to be consistent?
  3. What can you do to be a part of a community of women that support your growth and encourage you to THINK BIGGER?!

Melissa is a part of “Clarity + Strategy = Success” Program and has already found the success that comes with being more productive!

Do you want the same kind of success in your business? Join me in the “Clarity + Strategy = Success” Program where we’ll work together to find out what’s holding you back and how you can overcome this. This is your chance to invest in yourself and your business and make some significant progress. Begin to be consistent and gain the support from a wonderful group of like-minded women to REALLY gain momentum in your business!

The Clarity + Strategy = Success Program is open for enrolments now!

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