Let’s Celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day together!

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Call me!

As women entrepreneurs, we (such a generalisation!!) find it so hard to celebrate our wins and so very (very!!) easy to remember our failures!

Each year it gets to this time (November-ish) and there is an audible “EEEEEKKKKK, where did the year go?” – and a passing “ARRRRGGGHHHH, why didn’t I get `this’ done?”

Are you nodding your head and snapping your fingers in agreement?

Being a female entrepreneur in 2015 is SO different to what it might have been a few years ago.

For a start, there are so many options open to us for having and running a business –

  • What kind of business?
  • Where do we run it from?
  • Where do we find clients?
  • How do we keep our audience engaged?
  • WAIT… do we have an audience?

The list goes on…. and on!

One of the reasons I do what I do (and LOVE what I do) is because I get to speak to female entrepreneurs for most of the day! Either because I am using their services, or they are clients.

There are over-arching issues we all deal with in our businesses.

  • There are undervalued problems that hold us back.
  • There are over-used words and jargon that overwhelm us.
  • And then there is the “competition” we feel – “they are better than me / more successful than me” etc etc…. we all know these feelings!

I’m hosting a BLAB (have you heard of Blab?) on the 19th November at 10am (Sydney time) for each of us to come together LIVE and have a conversation about what it is like to be a woman entrepreneur in 2015.

You can either come in and take up one of four BLAB seats, which will show your pretty face and project your insightful opinions out to the Blabosphere. OR, if you’re the shy type, you can watch the four speakers and hang out in the chat area, where you can ask questions, share your own opinion and contribute to this important conversation.

Join the conversation!

Female entrepreneurs are moving to BLAB because it’s fun and interactive, which is exactly why I’ve chosen this platform. I’d love for you to come join me and the growing bunch of beautiful women already registered. It’s FREE!

Join HERE and come along to be a part of the conversation, share your celebrations and struggles, and share what it is like for YOU to be an entrepreneur in 2015!

AND, we can celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day together!

Them birds can BLAB!!

Them birds can BLAB!!

Comments (2)
  1. susan says:

    Thanks…looks great@

    • Trudy says:

      I hope you can come along Susan! 🙂

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