This is a SIGN…. look after YOU first!!

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Do you know the premise of putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on others?

I remember when I first heard this, I was on a plane with a child and my first thought was – NO WAY…. I will put it on them first and then I will put it on me. The actual act of putting me first didn’t make sense….

Then when I had my own business and someone used this as an analogy for our businesses, I STILL fought the notion.

As time has gone on (I have now had my own business for 5 years!!), I have learned many (many!) lessons and can now see the logic and the importance to putting the oxygen mask on me BEFORE others.

So, just in case you need a reminder….

Here it is…..

The most important person in your life is YOU!

The most important person in your business is YOU!

Look after YOU first – not because you are self-ish or self-absorbed…. But because it is the right thing to do.

If you don’t look after you, then you CAN’T look after others effectively.

When we talk about looking after you and your business – what first comes to mind?

The first thing that jumps into my mind is the investments I have made in my business AND in me over the past 2 years. Different types of coaches – Business, Strategy, Mindset, EFT…. conferences – Bali, Thailand, LA, San Francisco.

I made these investments deliberately and immediately because I knew my first instinct is to put others first (I am not being a martyr, it is what I am getting the most help around changing!). So removing myself from my comfort zone, and removing the temptation to help others by knowing I had paid to be somewhere that was JUST for me and my business, was important. And, as it turned out, it was also the most important growth period for business.

Now, apparently…. I am STRANGE (special?? 😉 ), because if I see something I want to go to – I DO IT, I don’t question, I don’t delay, I DO. Rightly or wrongly, that investment always feels like if I don’t make it then and there, then I will be missing out……

So I am always surprised when I talk to people about what they have attended recently and often hear they have not paid the Early Bird price – WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? I am honestly asking….. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PAY MORE THAN YOU HAVE TO? – oh sorry… did I do that in capitals – WELL I MEANT IT!

I quite often get on a flight or attend an event and start asking people what they paid for their ticket…. And I am ALSO that cocky bi-atch that says – “did you pay that? Oh, I paid the early bird price” – do you want to slap me yet? Tee hee!

That investment in myself FEELS SO MUCH BETTER when I do it early and have something to look forward to and plan for!

Just imagine the feeling of getting in Early!  You will feel:

  • bloody happy you have the extra bonuses of the exclusive dinner on the Sunday night and the EXTRA discount (code below!).
  • like a trendsetter – you can lead your friends to get in and can TOTALLY have the “cocky-conversation” of “oh…. didn’t you get the Early Bird ticket” – tee hee!
  • totally organised and prepared for the coming year!  Wowsers – imagine that!

Obviously this is all leading somewhere – and the SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets are available for The Spectacular – A Business Symposium NOW – but the reason I have made them available so early is you can then organise that time so you can really invest the time in YOU. Create the time and space for you in advance…..

AND…. If you get the SUPER EARLY BIRD ticket – you will be saving yourself the angst and procrastination that might occur when the price goes UP – AND…. If you get your ticket before the 18th September, then you are invited along to an exclusive dinner on the first night! So you get to pay less AND have an extra dinner – WHHHHAAAATTTT?? PLUS (but wait…. there’s more!!) a special discount code ON THE SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE!! Just put in “imettrudy” at checkout!

At the end of the event, you will:

  • be able to take ACTION on your dreams and plans
  • be a part of a community of like-minded, engaged women
  • feel like you are a part of something BIGGER than just you – that creates growth for you and your business!

I hope this gives you the permission (if you need it 😉 ) or the reminder to take the action for your business, that moves you forward towards your dreams.

This Symposium is going to take you on a journey through a road-map of your business, with the end result being an action plan for YOUR BUSINESS. What if you had a clear path to your future success and you could invest in that NOW with a knowing in your heart that it is the right thing to do….?

If The Spectacular feels like a good fit for you…. (have a look at the Spectacular Speakers here), then don’t delay…. Invest in your future today! Put the oxygen mask on you FIRST!


I would love to hear from you; to hear your REAL conversation about what it takes – and I would love to see you in February 2016 for 2.5 days of planning, strategies and action!

Want to experience a little of the speakers before then? Download a guide from The Spectacular Speakers of how they Up-Level their day to create an AWESOME business and life.

opt in rezise

BOOK NOW for your SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets (use this sneaky discount code for even MORE of a discount AND to come along to a special dinner to be held on the Sunday night – Discount code “imettrudy”)

book now 2

P.S. Don’t be the one that leaves it until the last minute! I would much rather you paid less and got more added bonuses (am I nuts!!).

P.P.S. So, I am asking…. Are you putting your oxygen mask on first?

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