3 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Networking at Events like a PRO…… even when you are shy!

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Do you feel as though your business is YOUR business and “therefore, you are all alone in this”?

Are you an introvert and think that makes networking at events difficult?

Do you think about up-levelling your business and then poop-yo-pants?

(Note: I hope you don’t do the last one!!).

There are times in our businesses that we feel like we are solopreneurs – and not in a positive way.

I know for me, when I start to feel like it is all on me and that no one else can help me, that is the time I am probably playing the smallest and I am scared or fearful of moving forward or even looking at the BIG POSSIBILITIES that are out there.

I said in a Facebook group recently, people are always surprised (or down-right don’t believe) that I am an introvert. So, let me explain what that looks like for me and how I use it as a benefit, not a problem.

Lots of times – especially with networking events, seminars, workshops and conferences – I know when they are coming on my calendar (because I plan ahead – like a year ahead 😉 ) and I am able to prepare myself for the energy that I want to put into those events. I am not talking about speaking on stage, or presenting to a group of people – literally, just preparing my energy to be in a room with a bunch of other lovely people and talking. As an introvert, I gain energy from being by myself and from quiet time. So being in a group of people (whether it is 10 or 700 people) can be quite draining for me – THAT IS NOT A NEGATIVE.


(even that is a double negative!!)?

Well…. Because….. I LOVE IT! I love meeting people. I love listening to people. I love hearing about what other people are doing with their businesses. I love the energy and vibe in a room of like-minded people. There is nothing better – there is nothing better, as long as I know that afterwards, I can sit in a quiet room for a while to recharge!

I was recently at Problogger 2015 an event held on the Gold Coast in Australia.  It is an incredible gathering of 700 of your new friends – so how did I do “introvert networking” with all these potential new friends?  Well……

  1. I made sure to get a good nights sleep and I didn’t stay out too late at the INCREDIBLY enticing meet-ups and parties!
  2. I actively spoke to people in an easy way – i.e. I didn’t BARREL up to people and say “HELLLLLLOOOO” (although…. I think I did try this once!!), but I did find a table and sat down with a cup of coffee and asked if people had enjoyed the last session or asked about what they did.
  3. I wanted to hear about how they have progressed in their businesses and the steps that people take to up-level their businesses – so I asked the question!

I also know that being in that room and being surrounded by the BUZZ gives me the feeling there is EVERY POSSIBILITY for me, my business and my life – and that is MAGIC!

I was speaking to The Spectacular Speakers (have you heard about The Spectacular – A Business Symposium?) about this feeling of how to up-level your business and how they create this feeling for themselves so that you can feel like you are NOT a solopreneur (i.e. lonely, isolated, “in this by yourself”) and you feel more like your business is SPECTACULAR!

Some of the tips were GOLD so I put them all in a little ebook for you!  The whole ebook can be found here for you. But if you would like a few tips to try straight away:

  • Quiet time before you open your eyes in the morning. Ask yourself “What can I do to honour myself today?”
  • Working out your focus for the day on the evening before. This can put your mind at rest, so that you can get up and be ready to get into it.
  • Real life connections. Get out to networking events, talk with people and get out from behind the computer to truly connect with potential clients and new friends.
  • Be yourself!  No one is better at being you… than you!  Really, business is all about doing things you love for people you love to serve.
  • Recognise that you can have everything, but you can’t do everything. So, get to know your true strengths: tasks that energise you and come naturally.

If you would like more tips like this – get the FREE EBOOK here.

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