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Tell me you’ve never had one of those days that you’ve thought about throwing in the towel. That you’ve never thought ‘I’m just not cut out for this entrepreneurship business’

It’s tough out there on your own.

And no one tells you that before you make your leap. They all talk about the freedom, ‘be your own boss and never work a day in your life’. Live your passion. Do what you love and the money will follow.

But let’s get honest.

There are days that no one calls you back. Weeks when everyone chooses not to turn up to their appointment. Times when customers ask for a refund. Days when everything goes wrong. And there is no one to call and leave it all with – the buck stops with you.

There may even be times when you resent that business that you’ve created.

It needs more attention than a toddler.

And an outsider reading this may be thinking by the time they get to this line – why would you bother?

BUT you know – don’t you.

We’ve talked about this before and I know that’s why you signed up for this entrepreneurship.

I don’t need to talk you into staying in business – or even why you do it.


So how do you bring back the love?

That first love you had?

Remember what it was like when you fell head over heals with the idea of being the CEO of this business.

You could find no fault.

Even her (the business I mean) quirks were fun.

“Oh, so you don’t come with a regular paycheck?” …. “oh, I don’t need regular money, I can get by on love”

“What’s that? You’re always there… I can’t go home at 5pm on Fridays?” … “Oh how loving of you”


So it was that kind of thing that kept you going in the beginning. That unconditional love for your biz, kept you working on weekends and doing whatever it took to make it work.

And sometimes you need to bring that back.

So that’s one of the big reasons I created “The Spectacular – A Business Symposium”.

I wanted to make business fun and lovable again.

Don’t get me wrong I know you need strategy and planning – that’s a no brainer.

But there was a huge gap – a chasm.

You could go sit in an auditorium …. do a quick catch up in the break out area and then be back into it.

But I wanted to create so much more.

And I have.

The Spectacular is just that – a spectacular.

This is a new kind of event for the New Economy.

1709One thing’s for certain, when you enter the room at an event Trudy has organised you immediately know you’re in the right place. Trudy is warm, genuine, fun, professional and you know she’s on top of what’s going on, everything having been organised beautifully, with a purpose.
Not only does Trudy’s organisation make you feel relaxed right away (and the company she attracts, it’s no wonder it’s such a fabulously sincere and supportive group of women) but you know that things have been set up for results. It’s about more than ‘just’ meeting other business owners, it’s about actually leaving having gained valuable and actionable insights.
Trudy doesn’t just put on events, she hosts events that people talk about.

Caroline Cain, Event Attendee
We’re not going to be hiding in corners, looking at our phones.

There is going to be fun and entertainment around every corner.

This is a destination – an adventure.

You don’t want to miss out.

Tickets are selling fast.


We’re bringing back fun. We want you to fall back in love with this wonderful business you’ve created.

This is an event you want on YOUR calendar.


I can’t wait to see you there.

Trudy x

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