Are you part of the REAL movement?

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Are you part of the REAL movement?

Or just a bystander looking in.

There’s a revolution rumbling away that we are so very lucky to be riding the wave of.

By we, I mean you and I.

The lucky ones who have escaped the corporate cubicle, dodged the timesheets, exchanged paid leave for ‘paid to be you’.

It’s the New Economy. Its the global demand delivered to our living room while simultaneously allowing us to go solo like no generation has before.

If you’re like me you still have a few friends who haven’t cottoned on to the new way of life.

They wonder what you do with all your time. How can you choose when you work? Where you work and who you work with? How could that be possible?

It’s new and it’s exciting. We’re mavericks, renegades, carving out a new way to make an income doing what lights us up.

In the words of Arianna Huffington, “To live the lives we truly want and deserve, and not just the lives we settle for, we need a ‘third metric’ of success that goes beyond money and power to include well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving.“

And that is the movement we’re part of.

Or are we?

Have you created a freedom-based independent business OR have you simply just created a job for yourself t home?

If you’re reading this and thinking that the latter applies more to you, then it’s time to change that. Or at least go back to working in the office – heck the tea and biscuits are free there.

So assuming that you cringe when I mention going back to the office – what could you do to turn this hard slog that you’ve set up for yourself, into what it was meant to be? And stop settling for less?

First you need to start ‘filling your cup’ so you can operate from a place of overflow instead of  being completely burned out and empty before you even start the day.

What are you doing to fill your cup?

Let’s do a little exercise shall we (not physical!!  Just mental exercise!! Stay with me!)?

Ok so let’s say that to fill your cup you needed to actively schedule in regular ‘good stuff’. ‘Good stuff’ for the record does not look like a mad dash to pick up the kids, laundry, or other chores.

Good Stuff – by definition – and yes, I’m being strictly technical here, is doing something that makes you feel good.

Let’s create a brain-dump of ‘Good Stuff’!

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Getting a massage
  • Hanging out in nature
  • Heading for a spa treatment
  • Swimming in the sea (if that’s your thing)
  • Phoning and planning a lunch with an old friend
  • Connecting with those online friends – offline
  • Remembering and practicing an old hobby you loved, like photography or dancing
  • Playing a fun sport like barefoot bowls or beach frisbee

Now make this a long list. Add things that you don’t even know how you’d get started but you know would make you feel great.

Next I want you to make next to each one whether it’s ‘weekly, monthly or occasionally’.

Make sure you have at least a couple of weekly things on there. They don’t have to cost anything. They could be sitting down for a quiet cup of your favourite tea on the verandah for 30 minutes – with no plans other than relaxing.

Ok, now add in a monthly – maybe that’s the spot for a massage that you book in the first tuesday of every month.

Now what is on your occasional?  Do you have weekend away planned for yourself?

I would love for you to add in to your calendar “The Spectacular – A Business Symposium”.

It will be a place to connect with online friends – offline.

It will also be a place where we’re stepping out everything you need for your business strategy and your lifestyle freedom.

This is where all the mavericks of the New Economy will be gathering.

Tickets are selling quickly. Accommodation is being booked.

Make the most of the early bird pricing and book now.  If you book by the 17th July, you will be invited to an EXCLUSIVE dinner on the Sunday night!

Be a part of the REAL movement, not just a bystander.

YOU are part of the revolution that is happening – make sure you have some amazing real life experiences like this to look forward to – and to look back on. Because otherwise we may as well all head back to the cubicle.

Look forward to seeing you there.



P.S. BONUS BONUS BONUS – We love bonuses at The Daisy Chain Group …. Early Bird bonus – EXCLUSIVE dinner on Sunday night, when you sign up by the 17th July. Follow this link to get on the EXCLUSIVE Dinner


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