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Do you remember the days of going to conferences and seminars when you were in your “corporate career”…. AARRRGGGHHH! I would usually go so that I could nick-out early and have an early day out from work (just being honest!).

You would arrive; feel awkward; hear white noise for a few hours; look forward to the buffet lunch; hide in a corner; pretend to be on the phone; hide in the toilets; Ha ha….. I have done it all….

THEN…. I became a business owner / entrepreneur and started going to very different “experiences” – conferences that taught subjects that I was interested in; speakers that I WANTED to listen to and learn from; still a bit awks – but that is just because (although people generally think I am an extrovert), I am an introvert…..

BUT…. I couldn’t find the conference that had EVERYTHING that I wanted… AND, I couldn’t find it in Australia…. The Lucky Country!

So… I decided to CREATE IT. I have done this my whole life.

When I first moved to Australia (14 years ago!!), I moved into an apartment building and put signs up in the lobby of the building for people that might want to meet for a walk at 7am on a Monday morning (YES, I LOVE MONDAYS 😉 ), I had 20 people sign up, and 15 that showed up on the day – that walking group soon turned into a dinner group; which turned into a wine “appreciation” club, which turned into some really good friends – I arrived not knowing anyone, and within a short space of time, I had created a community.

If I want to experience something and I can’t find it, I create it. So, when I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a conference…. (you guessed it…) I created it!!!

And so….


And it is going to be EPIC!

This is a SYMPOSIUM (rather than a conference), because it sounds fancier and fun-er-er and more like me than a stiff-boring-conference.

Through my 5 years of having my own business, I have learned what is important to being successful AND I have learned some (ok, most) of these lessons the hard way…. So I have gathered the MOST SPECTACULAR line up of speakers to help you with the areas that we all need to know to move our businesses forward and be able to SEE the POSSIBILITIES for ourselves and our lives – BOOM – doesn’t that sound good??

The 2.5 days are going to be a rollercoaster of fun, speakers, (speakers that are fun!), having a look at your WHOLE business (which includes you!) and seeing what the potential is – your FULL POTENTIAL. You will walk out of the Symposium with an action plan to implement – this is NOT just about HEARING the information, it is about how it PRACTICALLY can be applied to your business. You will be filled up with FUN; be in a room of 200 women entrepreneurs that are your new friends, colleagues and acquaintances to BE THERE for you on your journey……. Building connections and collaborations – that is what I LOVE!

No more hiding (whether it is in the toilets, or pretending to be on the phone!). No more playing small.

Come along and SEE AND HEAR the POSSIBILITIES for you….. and… it is in the most SPECTACULAR venue in Leura, Blue Mountains – we will be surrounded by fresh air and incredible views…..

Let this change your mind on what a “conference” is – I promise, you will not leave here with the same thinking as you arrive!!

I would love to hear what your experience of being an attendee at a conference is, leave a comment below.

I can’t wait to meet you….. keep taking action towards your dreams and see you soon.


P.S. Take action NOW to be one of the lucky ones that gets in with the Early Bird tickets (if you mention this blog I will give you a FREE 1 hour Brain Download – Valued at $400, when you send me the receipt for your Early Bird ticket! Sshhhhh…. don’t tell anyone else, tee hee!).

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