If your biz is meant to fuel your life then …

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Ever stopped to think about what is fuelling your business? And I’m not talking green smoothies and wine…

I mean you are outputting so much as an Entrepreneur… perhaps more than you ever have in your life – especially in the early days. Sure you’re adding in some money, maybe some expert guidance…
.. but where does all the creative energy, dogged determination, client empathy, big bold beautiful ideas, crazy courage and countless tedious hours of hard graft come from?

As micropreneurs we put ourselves in a position that requires our constant unfaltering focus and white-knuckled grip on the rollercoaster that is the ‘Entrepreneurial Learning Curve’.

Looking back – the last time we were required to learn and focus so much with so little insight into what was coming along the path … could be likened to ‘school days’ … so what was fuelling the self discovery journey back then?

How did we refuel in childhood … and how can we use that same ‘thing’ to refuel now in entrepreneurhood?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.”
~George Bernard Shaw


Somewhere between the last days of summer holidays as a child … and the grind of 9 to 5 … we stopped playing. Everything became serious. There was intent in every action. During adolescence it was get good grades, fit in, rebel, keep up.

Then once we started working it was get ahead, keep fit, save for a mortgage, keep up with the jones’ … And now in business there are even more goals… focused actions… to do lists… no time for just being …every action in our day has an intent….

But for a moment think back to those fabulous last days that you were just a kid playing – with no ‘goal’ – no exam – just the purest form of stress relief or downtime – playing.

Perhaps you remember that last time you took off in the morning, riding your pushbike all day long with no destination in mind.

Maybe, before your parents decided to pack them all off to the local charity, you can remember spending an afternoon talking to your dolls or teddy’s over tiny cups of imaginary tea and cakes.

Or it could be that last game of hide and seek that turned into a fantastic sunny morning of running around giggling with the neighbourhood kids.

What ever brings up those nostalgic last moments of play – didn’t it feel great? During those moments of play there was nothing else … you were totally present in the moment.

It’s likely that you’ve had many of these moments since childhood. Less toys and teddys but – I’d love to think you still share a few nonsense moments with friends when you’re both joking, laughing or having moments of light fun – with no goal or point – other than relaxation and fun.

Right now let me pose a new business strategy or un-strategy in your long list of success tactics. Up there with goal setting, procrastination busting and focused action – please insert the word PLAY.

Find time during your busy weeks to engage in some fool-hearty play. Instead of mindlessly slumping in front of the TV with a glass of red as your only moments of relaxation during the day…. turn the TV off, put your phone on the charger and goof around with your kids, or get out some colouring pencils and colour-in (adult colouring books have become my new zen). Invite your friends over for a games night and pull out the old Monopoly board or ‘Game Of Life’.

These moments will repay you, repay your business ten-fold.

You are not a machine.

If it feels like you’re juggling too many balls, it’s time to make a few of those balls “fun” to balance life out.

You are a living, breathing, loving, laughing, caring, imaginative, creative, compassionate, fun, sometimes silly human being.

When you invest in yourself and your business by bringing in elements of play, joy and good old-fashioned fun – you are refuelling.

Play More. Live More. Do More. Achieve More. Find out more…

Care to join me?  Let me know in the comments below what you do for F.U.N.


P.S. There are days when PLAY and FUN may seem like a distant memory – BUT…. BUT…. put on a tutu and try not to laugh out loud and do a little dance 😉

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  1. Belinda White says:

    This is so great Trudy!
    I LOVE making a game out of everything 🙂
    When it comes to fun – I love Yahtzee, Uno, any boardgame really – Game of Life & Charades – I make my kids play them with me, hehehe 🙂
    Fun is Fun!
    Thank you for this blog – will be great to share some FUN with others!

  2. Lisa Macqueen says:

    I LOVE your blog post Trudy – and you’re so right – we need to play more, and have fun… So, in honour of your post, I’ve just put on my running gear, and I’m going to head down to the beach for a run and just enjoy that time and re-charge my batteries!!

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