The Truth about Accountability

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When you were at school did you do that little phrase of

“I must, I must… I must increase my bust”??  

Well accountability is a lot like that for some people!

You say it out loud… and then nothing happens! Ha ha!  

So many entrepreneurs say “I am going to keep myself accountable”, “I will set myself a goal and keep myself accountable”, then time goes by and you find that you are saying the same thing 3 months (or longer!!) later….. ARRRRRGGGHHH…. Where is the silver bullet to getting SH1T DONE!!??

Now… I am an Accountability Coach – MAGIC!

But, I think that we all know that we teach/coach/mentor on the things that we need the most for ourselves!

I am VERY willing to admit my failings/challenges of keeping myself accountable – but that is also how I know how important it is to have the support systems coaches/mentors around you to KEEP you accountable.

I have 2 Coaches – a Strategy Coach and an Accountability/Business Coach.  Why?

Because that is what I need!  In this rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship that we are on, the most important decisions that I have found, have been the decisions that mean you end up INVESTING in yourself and your future.

I have been to 5 conferences this past year (overseas mostly) – EXCESSIVE?

Probably… but I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people, so that when I need to find the right people to pay for services, I know who to turn too.

Accountability is a PART of your journey.

It is about having achievable goals/outcomes so that you are always looking at what you can comfortably and realistically achieve – then you are WINNING.

When you look at your TO DO list, does it make you feel sick?

Can you actually see what NEEDS to get done for that day, or is it like taking out a “pick-up-sticks” and the rest will fall down when you pick the wrong task for the day?

And how are you deciding and looking at what is important to YOU for that day/week?

Are you being supported or guided by an external party?

Do you have an Accountability Buddy or Mastermind to help you?who is keeping you accountable

I hear so many people say “I have an Accountability Buddy” – the thing is, it is a 2 way street and sometimes, it is easier for YOU to keep them accountable, than it is for THEM to keep YOU accountable – am I right???

I know that in what I do; the biggest part of my J.O.B. is LISTENING and HEARING….

Strange talents to put on your CV, but there you have it!  “Trudy… what are your strengths?” – Listening and Hearing!!

In doing these things, I can hear where you are stuck – and whilst I listen to what you are saying, I can HEAR what you really mean… it can tear down walls and rebuild pathways in a matter of minutes.

Being accountable means that there are things to be done – but if you find that you are procrastinating (and we all know about this right??) then there is a belief or fear in the way of knowing/being comfortable with moving forward.

If I were to tell you my BIG INSIGHT into my clients and why they choose to work with me rather than a Life or Business Coach, it would be because they have tried them in the past…. And whilst they have been given skills, tools and strategies to use in the future, they have not been held accountable to getting stuff DONE.

Disclaimer: this is not the experience of all of my clients, some have had LOVELY coaches that have helped them achieve all kinds of thing…. But I do hear this a lot!

I heard from another Coach this week that over 60% of any Mastermind, Course or Coach that you sign up with, should be about Accountability – it is what helps you to be an even bigger success.  This is what I have found – without a doubt!

On the last round of “G.A.M.E. On – 8 Week Intensive” – 80% of the goals that were set at the beginning of the Intensive, were completed within the first 2 weeks – yep, you read that right – 2 WEEKS!!  Why?

Because they knew that they were listened to, heard, motivated, energised, encouraged and held accountable to moving from being/feeling stuck, to seeing the possibilities and moving towards their future – it was GOB-SMACKING and so EXCITING – not just for them, but for me too!

I don’t hear excuses;
I hear reasons as to why it is safer
for you to stay hidden right now.

Whilst our logical, adult brains LOVE to tell us what we can achieve, we are all run with the beliefs that we have worked on for our lives up until now.

If you don’t want to hide any more and you WANT to be held accountable to your POTENTIAL, book in an Action Chat and gain clarity around what is holding you back and how to POWER through it!


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