I would really love to…. But its not possible for me…..

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comes after

I would really love to…….:

  • Head up a million dollar business… but its not possible for me
  • Run a workshop ….
  • Change my title
  • Grow my business bigger…
  • Create boundaries …
  • Be a leader…
  • Gain confidence …
  • Speak on stage…..
  • Start again…..

We’ve all done it…. Had dreams for ourselves, our businesses, our lives…. But then our “reality” kicks in and we DECIDE that it is not possible for us to be successful; so the dream stays a dream….. but now… it is not just a dream… we’ve flipped it to become a thought in our head of what we CAN’T achieve and THAT turns into a fear and a belief – THAT is what holds us back from moving forward.

Did you read that paragraph and think – OMG (or OMFG, depending on the FORCE with which it hit you!!) – THAT IS ME!

Can you imagine if that fear and belief did not hold you back?

Can you imagine what life would be, if you just took the action and had the clear path TO that SUCCESS?

Are you someone that gets stuck in the details of a task/project/business structure, so you just stay in the “research” phase of your business thinking about ALL that HAS to be done…. And then doing nothing?

Are you someone that can see the BIG PICTURE of what you are aiming for, but you don’t know what you need to do now to move forward? So you stay exactly where you are.

We all have thoughts of what our limitations are and then spend a lifetime creating the stories that make those limitations REAL.

Too busy…

Too lazy …

Too uncertain …

Too slow …

Too late …

Too quiet …

Too inexperienced …

Too scared …

Just writing this makes me feel sick – WHY DO WE DO THIS?  

I want to stand up for all of you (and me 😉 ) and give you permission to feel LIMITLESS…..!!!  LIMITLESS!!!

We see the question all the time trawling through our Facebook feed – “If all fear was removed, what would you do today?”, “If you couldn’t fail, what would you do differently today?”.

I know that when I see those questions, sometimes, I almost can’t read them or look at them, because the answers would be too scary to face – because the answer would be – WELL WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT THEN??

I have just finished an 8 Week One-on-one Intensive with a client.  She came to me with a dream in her heart and a crap load of baggage holding her back and helping her stay in her old story….. we worked hard, we set plans, we cleared her path, she knew that she was supported and within the first hour of us working together, she could SEE THE POSSIBILITIES…..

But then the story would kick back in….. it was an incredible journey to watch this beautiful woman, with huge potential, STEP INTO her new way of being, realise the POTENTIAL of her life and start LIVING with the possibilities now becoming her REALITY.  

She wants to help people and inspire people with her story.  She wants to write a book and be on stage and be LOUD AND PROUD of herself and where she is NOW.  During GAME On! (My 8 Week One-on-one intensive), she started writing the book and let go of SO MUCH to be able to see the FUTURE.  I could not be more proud of her.

If you are saying any of these…

… “I would really love to…. But it isn’t possible for me” or

… “I would LOVE to, but I can’t see how”, or

… “I would really love to, I have the plans and vision in place, but something is holding me back”…

… then join the GAME On! Interest List to find out when the next round opens

THINK of where YOU could be in just 8 weeks once we peel back ‘but it’s not possible for me’ AND GO GET WHAT YOU’D ‘LOVE TO’!

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  1. Lionel says:

    I crazy about all kinds of music (except hip hop but that may be because of your obeiavrtson about it all sounds the same if you don’t understand it). My love for classical music came after hearing Tchaikovsky’s Violin concerto shortly after hearing The Devil Went Down to Georgia. I said wow, the classical violin is a lot faster than Charlie Daniels! Wait for your epiphany!

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