Life should be a musical!!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful…. If our lives were like an episode of Glee or a full on musical!!  As we are all sat in our homes offices (dining room tables!!), breaking into song and making the soundtrack of our lives?

If this was the case, what songs would be on your daily soundtrack? 

Truly Scrumptious (but replace Truly with Trudy 😉 ) from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

What songs do you need to hear to REV.YOU.UP to get things done? 

What is your POWER playlist?

Brave – Sarah Bareilles

ROAR – Katy Perry

Uptown Funk – Bruno Marz

What are the songs that make you dance with wild abandon?

Shake it off – Taylor Swift

Land of Make Believe – Bucks Fizz

Anything by WHAM!

What are the songs that you KNOW you should be asked to do for Karaoke??

You know the ones… the songs that really show your range and capability to capture your audience????

For me, anything from a musical – probably “Let it Go” or “Defying Gravity”!  I LOVE a BIG high note (dramatic much!!?).

This is all about BEING YOU and showing your personality in your brand….. I would not take a client that isn’t wiling to be a bit silly – to not take themselves too seriously, but also to take a look at themselves and listen to the messages that are there for what you want to do next!

I know that in my clients, it is sometimes hard to get to the CORE of WHO they are in their businesses.  Does that sound weird?  It is like we have in the past, created a character for who we are in our lives, then…. We become Entrepreneurs and have to BE JUST US – because that is enough, and that is the BEST way to be – your audience will respond to that and your business grows because you are the best version of yourself.

I know that in my daily “musical” I can tell what is happening in my business, my mind and my life, by listening to what I am singing in my head. I wake up singing in my head…. Sometimes I have to hear the whole song to get to the message – but I get there!

What is unique about you?  What is unique in the way that you approach business?  Have you got to the core of WHO you are in your business?  Do you know how to just BE YOU?


Did that little voice whisper something?

You’re ready to step into who you really want to be?

GAME On! is an 8 week one-on-one Intensive with the sole purpose to LEVEL UP.

And by Level Up I mean start playing as YOU – the bigger better you.

… Want to get that book out?

… Want to start a movement?

… Make that other side gig your main act?

It’s time to sing your real song and I’ll give you everything you need to do that right now – it’ all inside YOU but I’m going to help you set it free.

Get on the list as places are limited!

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