My life just changed……..

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My life just changed…..

I have opened up

I have become available

My heart has opened and I can really see and understand who I am to my audience and who I am to me.

All sound a bit woo-woo and


Let me tell you – I thought the same.  This has been a gentle journey for me and I realise the importance of it now.  If I had tried to push this through and been a “bull-in-a-china-shop” (have you been called that before!!?) then I would have missed all the twists and turns along the way; I would have missed the intricacies of finally being able to say –


And, most importantly (for you!!), I would have missed the learnings in all that I have invited in to myself – and if I had RUSHED through everything, I would not be able to give so much to my clients…. And there is no better or more rewarding feeling for me, than watching the progression in the lives and businesses of my clients.

I have always been the one that RUSHED through everything – can you relate?  If there is a mountain to climb (literally….. I love climbing mountains/hills/small mounds!!), then I will look at the top and RUN to get there – but I would miss all the “Snow White” moments on the way – looking at the flowers and the birds and singing wholeheartedly whilst a little blue bird sits on my finger – just me??  COME ON!!!

And of course that is metaphorical…. (you did realise that, yes?), but what steps, pieces of information, guidance and nurturing are you missing on the way to your “DESTINY” (Bold and The Beautiful reference!!)?

I was doing an interview for someone else’s podcast recently (did you know that I have a podcast with the Sonya Lovell called “Collective Conversations”?) and they asked me:

“As an Accountability Coach, what is the 1 piece of advice that you would give people that want to take ACTION”…. Well, I am very strategic in my thinking and I have an analytical brain to be able to break down what is in peoples minds and create actionable plans – so this question is RIGHT DOWN MY ALLEY…. But I had a think about it and I said……


It wasn’t the answer that I thought that I was going to give!  SURELY, there is a Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 action plan TO EVERYTHING… but honestly in that moment, especially when people are stuck in I MUST I MUST I MUST…. The best action step to take is to STOP and BREATHE…. Try it sometime…. I think that this breathing thing could catch on 😉

So let me know…. How are you doing in your journey?  Are you stuck in the I MUST I MUST I MUST?  Could you try this “BREATHING” thing for yourself??

If you would like to book in a Discovery Call with me to see if we can work together to help you move from”I MUST I MUST I MUST” to clarity, direction and a clear path to your full potential, click here.

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