Giving yourself permission

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Sekretärin mach Pause

“Please please…. Give me Permission to…….

  • Be me
  • Move Forward
  • Know the right thing
  • Take the next step
  • Feel better
  • Feel worse
  • FEEL something!!!

We are such special entrepreneurs and it seems that we sometimes seek the PERMISSION to do whatever we want to do. Sometimes, it feels so lonely to be who we are and do what we do, that we need and want to have the emotional backup and support to move forward with our plans.

It can feel like giving ourselves permission is almost self-indulgent and self-ish because we are questioning whether it is the “right thing to do”. WELL!!! Step back buddy…. Take a good hard look at yourself and then BACK YOURSELF.

This game that we are all playing, this “business malarkey” that we do, is all about finding the right support, finding and fulfilling your potential and backing yourself in your ideas, your successes, your failures and your daily celebrations. It is a freakin’ rollercoaster ride; some days your hands are waving in the air like you just don’t care, and other days, the fear on your face as you plummet to the ground is heartbreaking.

But ask yourself this – is it all worth it?


My answer would be a HELL YEAH – and it would be a hell yeah on the worse days and the bestest of shinest-rainbow days. I get to decide each day what I want to achieve and whether or not I am going to achieve it. But each day is also the rollercoaster ride of do I / can I back myself today?

Can I give myself the permission to do what I want to do – whatever that might be?

It is not easy.
It is not a walk in the park.

Each day is a tightrope walk of whether the permission that was given by me-to me, was the right thing to do. But, I also know that the great leaders of our time are vast advocates of failing fast – and man – have I done that a few times in the last few years. Failing fast even feels good sometimes, because I know that I did it on my terms, my way, with only me to take responsibility.

When I am working with clients, I work with their strengths and amp them up so that they have all the confidence in what they are creating.

But, if they ask for my permission to change their minds, or change their direction, the answer is always going to be – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?
It is totes up to youse!

If we want to WIN and SUCCEED as this game, then we have to take responsibility for our own actions and know that we gave ourselves the permission and THAT…….THAT is enough.

What are you going to give yourself permission to do today? What are you going to move forward towards NOW?

Give yourself Permission to make your dreams real goals.

Work with me, stay accountable, keep the momentum and energy levels high – go further than you dreamed of Sign up for a FREE Strategy Call. GAME On!

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