How do you go about conquering your fears?

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Woman in summer dress standing on a sea

Picture the typical Australian scene….. you get up in the morning and you head to your local beach for a walk/run/surf/swim….. you look out at the expansive beautiful, clean, clear Ocean and it beckons you to GET IN IT!

To me, one of my greatest fears is the Ocean……. And believe me, so many people laugh at me and joke about it, but to me, it is real; to me it is terrifying; to me it is that out-of-control feeling that I might die if I take 1 more step..

Dramatic?  Yes.

Traumatic? YES!

So, on January 1, being the beginning of 2015, I decided that I would like to see what would happen if I “faced the fear and did it anyway”?  

I wanted to see how I deal with fears of my own.  

It is a BOILING hot day in Sydney, Australia and I headed to a beach that is crowded with children – mostly because then I know that if it is safe for them, it is more than likely, safe for me (and if there are sharks, then they will go for the children first, right??) – it is as flat as a pancake and shimmers in the bright sunshine at 8am.  I am with my Mum who is visiting from the UK, and we tentatively put our toes in the water…. Immediately, I see a school of fish – now let’s be clear – these are not piranhas…. they are not even brightly coloured, they are tiny 2 inch long little fishies, but there are hundreds of them.  

My chest clenches and I start to feel the panic.  

I take another step, with my Mum telling me that the fish will move as soon as I take a step.  They do (Phew!).  So now, it has been 5 mins and I am up to my knees.  It takes another 15 mins and a lot of hopping on 1 foot, running back out if my leg touches something and then going back in again….. I could see the bottom (thank goodness), but as I got deeper, there was more seaweed, so each bit that touched me, I assumed immediately was a killer sea-creature of some description and was going to eat me chunk-by-chunk (a bloody big meal!!).

But after 20 mins of slow and steady, I did it, I was swimming IN THE OCEAN!  

I didn’t stay in for long, but it wasn’t the point, I conquered the fear of getting into the UNKNOWN.  

I got out of the water and started thinking about how I had approached the fear and how I have helped my clients approach their fears too.  

I work with individuals and I help women entrepreneurs with their individual fears.

There are so many “types” of fears that we all talk about:

  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Loosing Control
  • Fear of the Ocean (just me???) 😉

But the way that we conquer, grow and move through these fears are individual to us.

I am a speed freak and a confronter, so if something scares me or is a fear of mine, ordinarily, I will take it head on and bust through it – OR, I will take the slow and steady approach for the really big fears (doing webinars!!!), and procrastinate (for protection) and put-off/delay (for time) and then come to my own realisation that what others have been saying all the time, is probably true – it is not that bad once you TAKE ACTION!  

And this is what I coach my clients through.

Every one of us has a fear of something in our businesses, every one of us is battling a task that is holding us back and helping us to play small.  

What are you hungry for?  

What do you want?  

To play small or to live to your potential?  

To hide behind yourself or GET OUT IN FRONT and be your success?

Bring FOCUS and Attention on the things that you want to achieve… and let fear be your guide to what is the next right step for your journey.

 I have to go…. I fancy a swim!!!??

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  1. Sylvia Chierchia says:

    Well done for conquering your fear Trudy. I too am facing my fears this year and hoping it’s not that bad once I TAKE ACTION! Thank you 🙂

    • Trudy says:

      Thanks Sylvia! I am sure that your “fear-facing” is moving you forward in leaps and bounds! 🙂

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