Are YOU your Own Worst Enemy?

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Isn’t it awful to think that we are harder on ourselves than anyone else is?  

Doesn’t it bug you that we are unkinder to ourselves than we would allow anyone else to be to us?  How hard would you fight for your best friend if they were saying mean things to themselves all the time?  

And yet, that is what we do to ourselves.

I wish that I could record the gumpf* in my head and replay it to myself.  Sometimes it is so automatic to be mean/rude/derogatory to ourselves that we don’t even realise that we are doing it.  I have been trying to catch myself when that “tape” in your head starts with the “mean reel” – but it has to be a conscious thought and sometimes, I just have to let it say all it needs to say, because it is too much like hard work to stop it – ARRRRGGGHHHH!  Can SOMEONE stop the voices in my head!

In being your own worst enemy – what do you GAIN from it?

I am honestly asking…. I am interested?  

I get asked this by Business Coaches all the time “But what do you GAIN from being a bitch to yourself” – I can’t answer it.  I have been every which way…. Maybe it is because I am not willing to face the answers from it.  But it is well worth asking yourself the question and seeing what the answers might be for you.

If you could work out what you gain and why you need to gain it, and where this holds you back in your life, what a blessing of knowledge that would be.

Wouldn’t it?  

I truly believe that…..

“knowledge is power”


“once you know better, you DO better”

– so if you know – and can name – that ENEMY in your head, then you can combat it with kindness….

Because in the end, it is just another part of you, it is probably the part that is trying to keep you playing small and protecting you from branching out into the big wide world.

It could be the part that is questioning everything that you want to do for yourself, because it is playing devils-advocate.  But if you named it “Susan” and said, “Susan, thanks for your thoughts, but I am going to do it anyway” that could give you a little boost of confidence that you needed to move past that gumpf*.

“Make your inner voice, match your outer actions”
… I said that, tell your friends
– that’s a twitter-22x22 TWEETABLE!! Ha ha! 

If you don’t want to be your own worst enemy, then what actions are you going to take to become your own best friend?

I would love to know in the comments below…..

Is it time to crack this ‘stuff’ once and for all?

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*Gumpf is a technical term for mess-in-your-head ☺ !

Comments (4)
  1. katie says:

    Thanks Trudy. We’re all so hard on ourselves aren’t we? I’m my own worst enemy much of the time, I have to admit! And when I look at it rationally and with perspective and others remind me – I’m actually doing a pretty awesome job with things in life right now! But we shouldn’t need others to remind us of that. As kind as we are to others – we should be as kind, if not more so, to ourselves. xx

  2. Trudy says:

    Great Katie – I hope that you are being kind to yourself and questioning that inner voice….. you ARE doing an AWESOME job 🙂

  3. Narelle says:

    My belief is that the voice is a learned one. Either mimicry from parental figures of past or patterns that have served a purpose of perceived safety. Often times the biggest bullies we deal with is ourselves, ironically this is harder for people who have been bullied to get past this internal dialogue, its conditioning.
    The best way to deal with it is to really examine the patterns, insert new patterns and love yourself sick while you do it 🙂 Often times you need help in doing this, its really hard work to do totally on your own <3

    • Trudy says:

      So true Narelle! And beautifully put! Let’s be kind to US! 🙂

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