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from Woe to Go imageCan you believe that another year is nearly over?

Can you believe that THIS YEAR was going to be THE YEAR and now it is coming to a close and there is still a list of things that you wanted to achieve….?

Well…. 2015 is around the corner, so how are you going to create that “list”, have the goals or SEE the future vision, when you feel like you are starting the year on the back-foot??

I totally understand…. This time last year, I went away to do 2 weeks of solid planning for my business.  Planning, dissecting, vision-boarding – whatever it took for me to be able to see the BIG picture, the HUGE vision that I have for me and my business.  

Then (as many of you know), my sister died on Christmas Eve and I had to do an emergency flight back to the UK.  That changed everything for 2014 (and rightly so), it shifted focus and emotional energy towards myself, but away from my business.  

With the anniversary coming up and that ever impending “we must plan for 2015” – I started thinking about what I want to do in 2015 and how I want the year to feel for me.  I wanted to see where my focus was and how to achieve the achievable goals.  I wanted to move “From Woe to GO!” for my business and for myself.  So, I am setting out to do that…. WHO IS WITH ME (picture me standing in front of crowds of people with a flag in my hand – NOW…. WHO IS WITH ME!)?

What if, we start 2015 gently?  Work out the focus for ourselves and then move towards the future with the clarity and direction that feels right?

Do you sometimes feel like if you had “better focus” or “more time” then you would be able to achieve more?  LET IT GO my lovelies…. LET IT GO (anyone else singing Frozen with me – tee hee!).

Start a fresh, SHAKE IT OFF (Taylor Swift anyone?),

Let the start of 2015 be the year that you start differently, that you are renewed, supported, encouraged and MOTIVATED to move towards your goals and the vision that YOU hold for yourself.  Make yourself accountable to the tasks that are achievable.

Have a think about these questions:

  1. What does your business DO for you now?

  2. What do you want your business to offer to you in the future?

  3. How do you go from 1 to 2???

Ta da…. Did that start you thinking??

If you feel stuck with a foggy brain, and a wish to move forward for 2015, I am holding a webinar on the 6th January 2015 to help you move “From Woe to GO!” – it will show you where you are focusing now, and where you WANT your focus to go for 2015.  It will help you see where you need to let go, and where you need to concentrate to achieve the future that you are wanting to create.

Want to join a FREE Facebook Group to take your business New Year Resolutions and KICK START them from the 2nd January?  I have set up a “New Year Resolutions Support Group for Entrepreneurs” – we will be holding space, supporting, encouraging and motivating you to achieve what you can in January, so that you start February on the FRONT FOOT and moving towards your goals for the year!  I would love to have you with me!

Comments (12)
  1. Sam says:

    great tips, thanks!
    I’m definitely spending some time looking at what I want 2015 to look like, and how I want to feel every day.

    • Trudy says:

      fantastic Sam! I hope to see you on the webinar! Trudy 🙂

  2. Elyse Sparkes says:

    Love the idea of starting 2015 gently. The endings & beginnings of the year always feel like a race, and i love the image of approaching it instead with grace & care.

    Sending light & love to you as you remember your sister this year. xoxo

    • Trudy says:

      Thank you so much Elyse…. I hope that the beginning of 2015 is graceful for you 🙂

  3. Marsha from says:

    First of all, so deeply sorry to hear about your sister, and I’ll be thinking of you on Christmas Eve.

    Secondly, i LOVE this take. I always get a bit panicked when everyone’s all “LET’S PLAN 2015 NOW!!!”, so I love the idea of focusing on myself as well as my business.

    Can’t wait for the webinar!

    • Trudy says:

      Thanks Marsha! I can already taste the New Year… it is going to be EPIC!

  4. Holly Gillen says:

    So sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and your family.

    2015 it’s our year. I was totally singing while reading this post. Thank you.

    • Trudy says:

      Singing whilst reading is a talent Holly! I can do it too – that just makes us A-MAZING! 😉

  5. april says:

    i am so sorry for the tremendous loss of your sister, trudy. i wish you well.

    this is such a beautifully written article, with solid advice woven throughout.

    “what if, we start 2015 gently?” yes. what if we do? i decided at the beginning of december that i was going to approach the holiday season in a gentle way. and it’s truly been an amazing, relaxing, meaningful experience. then i read your question and realized it was another expression of that same magic – peacefully entering the new year. i will.

    • Trudy says:

      Thank you so much April, Carly and Stephanie. I am really looking FORWARD to 2015. I hope that you can join me on the webinar and start the New Year differently this year!
      HAPPY 2015 to you all 🙂

  6. Carly says:

    Wow! What an inspiring story, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I agree with Carly, this was such an inspiring post. Thank you for the inspiration and I wish you the best of luck with your first webinar of the new year!

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